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== Lucio racing has been around since the start of custom games, but i wanted to add more to it powerups, speed boosts, jumppads. I made this for me and my freind to just play cause we were bored of the regular lucio run. How scoring works, you have to run all the way from the attacker spawn on blizzard world to the back of the castle whille avoiding slow traps and using speed boosts and other abilitys. There are 4 diffrent kinds of obsticles on this map,==

  • Speed Orbs - These orbs are blue colored and give you a temporary speed boost.
  • Low Gravity Orbs - These orbs are purple and give you temorary low gravity.
  • Slow Orbs - These orbs are white and slow you down for 2 seconds when touched.
  • JumpPad - These rings are yellow and boost you into the air when steped on, they each have diffrent hights.

== If you go near other players there speed stacks to you so use this to you advantage and dont boost when your nearby people. You can use your Ultimate to stay in the air longer and combined with low gravity lets you fly very far across the map. You keep ultimate and abilty cooldowns each round so use them wisely.
I hope you like it

P.S. The code thats on the game is the oldest version check the comments for a full list of versions!

Categories: Race
Heroes: Lúcio
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Current version: 1.0

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