🛹 Translocator Parkour


Up for a challenging parkour with Translocator?
Look no more! Try the Translocator Parkour now!

Play through the parkour with Translocator and/or EMP.


Test your Translocator throwing & bouncing angles, trajectory prediction, and EMP jump boost.


Activate Timed Mode to see how fast you can finish this parkour. Or challenge your friends!


Toggle camera with [Secondary Fire] to view next checkpoint.



  • [Secondary Fire] > View next checkpoint
  • [Reload] for 3 seconds > Reset parkour
  • [Ability 1] + [Primary Fire] > Go back previous checkpoint (Non-Timed Mode only)
  • [Ability 1] + [Secondary Fire] > Go to next checkpoint (Non-Timed Mode only)

Can you clear all the checkpoints? Try it now!

Currently supported maps

Map Checkpoints^
Watchpoint: Gibraltar 90

^ Excludes the starting point.
More maps to be added in the future.

Video Demostration

Video demo only shows the first few checkpoints, there are many more beyond what's shown in the video


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Update Log (5)


  • Fixed a bug that players dying to environmental didn't respawn immediately.

Just reimport the code - CGQTB

General changes

  • You will no longer die if you fail, you simply get teleported back to the checkpoint. This should help lessen the noise when players die.
  • Translocator cooldown now set to 0s instead of 1s when completed a checkpoint or destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where you can translocate and press interact at the same time to instantly reset cooldown of Translocator.
  • Moved checkpoint 67 to a slightly more difficult location.
  • Crouching makes you move 50% slower so it's easier for you to adjust your position.


  • You can now skip parkour checkpoints, or go back to previous checkpoint
  • Skip Checkpoint by using [Ability 1] + [Secondary Fire]
  • Go back to previous checkpoint by using [Ability 1] + [Primary Fire]
  • Skip feature is only for Non-timed mode.

  • Also added a HUD to show your current checkpoint

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