One Punch Man Boss Battle by MeleeMeta#2507

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6 people have to face down a strong boss on the Workshop Island map. The boss has 1250 health and 20% of the damage he does goes back into his health pool (kind of like Reapers life steal). The boss' abilities have been altered (see below) to suit a One Punch boss while still being balanced (hopefully). Some characters on the boss fighting team have been altered to balance them in this particular gamemode (details below).

Doomfist/boss abilities

One punch

The rocket punch instakills most enemies with no charge, and all enemies with 1 bar of charge. It also has a huge knockback, should an enemy survive for some reason (immortality field or something like that.)


The uppercut lifts you up further and also knocks enemies back further.


Seismic slam has been changed to work as a sort of leaping ability. It gives you an impulse in the direction you are looking.

Examples on how to use this:

If you looks straight ahead it you will travel a medium distance while staying low to the ground. Useful for chasing down fast enemies (tracer, moira etc.).

If you look upwards you will leap high into the air, then you come down with 2 times the speed and you deal high damage (enough to instakill squishies). Useful if people are grouped up close near you.

If you look somewhere in between these heights you will cover a lot of distance while also dealing pretty high damage. This is really useful for engaging a slow to medium speed enemy.

Altered characters


  • Takes more damage in turret form
  • Does less damage in turret form


  • Her primary fire freezes the boss faster, but the enemy remains frozen for a shorter time
  • Her ultimate freezes the boss almost instantly, giving the boss less time to escape


  • Hack rework: if you activate it, no matter what the distance to the boss is, if he is in LOS he will be hacked instantly. The hack lasts for 3 seconds, and is on a 6 second cooldown. Because the only thing the boss can do is quick melee during hack, his evasiveness while hacked has been increased by turning his movement speed up to 225%. (Regular movement speed is 150%)

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Players | 1 - 7
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