L1 R1 is a game where you play with only abilities and ultimate on Necropolis, you need to kill opposite team or Capture the point. in beginning of every round all teams will teleport to center of the map and you will get free ultimate that you can defeat opposite team quicker.
Why should you use this particular code? well, this one is more balanced and we will update it continuously also try to play latest version for more fun to play

Some Custom Abilities:
Reinhardt: You can double earthshatter with one ultimate.
*Zenyatta: Ttranscendence do damage and knockback ennemies out of map.
*Orisa : Foritify burns ennemies in radius when you and apply impulse.
*Zarya: Particle Barrier (self) freezes ennemy in your direction with some of knockback and damage.
*Hack : Hack will damage the victim with random value and slow the movement and increase the rotation.
*New Abilities from 1.6 Update:
*Mei : when you press "Primary Fire" during cyro-freeze will Freeze and damage enemies in 9m.
*Brigitte : 1- Ultimate will burns ennemies 7 times when they are inside of rally armor radius
2- Duplicating with Whip shot feature removed due Echo Ultimate
*Winston : Burning overtime the enemies inside of your barrier
*Torbjorn: 1- The turret have a duration after 12 seconds will destroy automatically
2- Overload Increases 2x Damage of your turret for 8 seconds
*The Dome / Sphere:
This is a feature that added in previous updates to limit fights outside of the objective, you take damage when you are inside of it

If you have any ideas, or bug message us on PlayStation 4 "NewLink-*"


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NewLink creator

For Echo , we will add her in 1.7 update
and Mercy we have some difficulties to what abilities looks like but maybe 1.8??

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