L1 R1 (LSHIFT E / LB RB) | 1.7 The Dome Update

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

L1 R1 is a game where you play with only abilities and ultimate on Necropolis, you need to kill opposite team or Capture the point. in beginning of every round all teams will teleport to the center of the map and you will get free ultimate that you can defeat opposite team quicker.
Why should you use this particular code? well, this one is more balanced and we will update it continuously also try to play latest version for more fun to play

What's New in 1.7?:
The Dome Update

  • In this version we make dome gives you effects if you are outside of the sphere with different colors Normal: no effect but deal more damage to players (Orange) Freeze: freezes players for 1.5 seconds and deal less damage (Aqua) Hack: hacks players for 5 seconds and deal less damage (Purple) Slow: Slows move and aim speed and deal meduim damage (Lime Green) Invisible: makes the players invisible for their enemies and deal very less damage (Blue)

The Dome colors will change every round, also there is world text that show which effect that gives you if you are not inside of the Sphere
New Abilities*
we make 6 new custom abilities for some heroes to make them more balanced
Mccree": combat roll have chance of heals you or hack closest enemy to you or charge % of ultimate.
Roadhog: Take a breather make a yellow ring and clouds in you radius which damage and slow down enemies and lasts 5 seconds
Genji: Deflect Increase 100% the damage that deflected
Hanzo: 1) Sonic arrow freezes the target for 1.2 seconds 2) Storm arrow knockback the targets
Lucio: when uses the ultimate ability all enemies will get impulse up and take damage
Also we make some small blancing changes to some heroes
Help Update
we add small message that appear in biginning of every round that gives players knowledge about new custom abilities to imrove your play
Shield Buff
in biginning of every round all players gets 25x Number of players of temporary shields (Dark blue Health) that lasts 8 seconds to reduce speed rounds and 6 ultimates combo
Your Ultimate is dangerous feature
that heroes (Bastion - D.va - Genji - Junkrat - Mccree - Mei - Pharah - Reaper - Reinhardt - Sombra - Soldier:76 - Zarya) there ultimates will start with 70% instead of 100% due their ultimates can make combos or speed rounds (we know that speed rounds are funny but give us feedback about that specific change)

If you have any ideas, or bug message us on PlayStation 4 "NewLink-*"

Categories: Elimination
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 25 more...
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.7.1

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