Cops & Robbers Classic


What are you in for?

Cops & Robbers Classic is a recreation of that old minecraft cops & robbers map in overwatch!

  • Robbers spawn in a cell and all abilities are disabled except for melee.
  • There are item spheres scattered around the prison that return one ability at random. Players will drop any collected items on death.
  • Robbers who reach the docks will be awared full abilities and health.
  • Wardens need to grab keys from the Warden's Office to open cells
  • Robbers can pickpocket keys off Wardens by holding reload(r) near them

General Rules:

Pulled from Planet Minecraft and modified

  • There are 2 cops. They tell the robbers what to do, anything from making them go to the mess hall to eat, to going to taking out the trash.
  • The robbers must obey and do as they're told, or be punished. However, while doing so, the robbers must also find a way to escape without the cops getting too suspicious.
  • It is recommended that you play with friends as there are many "honor rules", meaning it is very easy to cheat, but you're a dick if you do.

This mode requires a bit of role-play and is more fun with a group of friends. Hope you enjoy!

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Update Log (2)

Map and Hero Update

  • Increased the detection radius for cells to prevent robbers from escaping without using abilities
  • Added Yard B (for those pesky troublemakers)
  • Added more information to the Key HUD (Shows different information depending on your team)
  • Added D.va and Brigitte to Warden heroes
  • Removed Brigitte from Robber heroes
  • Added team colors to player map icons and text

Initial Release

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