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Juggernaut is a FFA gametype where a player is marked as a target known as Juggernaut. He has enhanced stats to help him survive.
The only way to score points in this gametype is to kill other player while being the Juggernaut.
All the other players must join forces to eliminate it and reclaim its powers. There can be only one Juggernaut at the same time, and the player that killed the last one becomes the next Juggernaut.


Name: Juggernaut

Current code: BXRY2

Latest Stable version : 1.0.0 (BXRY2)

Unstable testable version: -


  • Free for all
  • Time : 10 minutes max.
  • Map: any
  • 12 players max
  • First player to 15 points wins


  • The Juggernaut is randomly chosen at the start of the game.
  • It the Juggernaut kills himself, he loses 1 point and another is chosen randomly
  • If a player kills the current Juggernaut, he takes its place.
  • The Juggernaut has enhanced stats:
    • 300% health pool
    • 120% speed

Known Issues

  • Other players can shoot at each other as well as intercept projectiles. I made it so that people can't hurt each other, but I don't have a clean way to simulate a kind of no-TK in FFA.

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Players | 1 - 12
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Heroes:, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 1.0.0

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