A revamped Widow Headshot Only mode, meticulously crafted from scratch for Overwatch 2

Scope in and take out your opponents with headshots only. Be the top Widowmaker and score 50 kills to win. With instant respawns enabled, this mode offers a dynamic environment for players to hone their aiming and accuracy skills.

  • No Damage Falloff: Damage falloff is off by default. It can be turned back on from the mode's workshop settings.
  • Personal Timer: Tracks your match duration, allowing you to monitor your performance more effectively. Your final time will also display at the end of a match.
  • Killstreak Announcements: A message will appear to the entire game lobby for every 5th kill in a row. Killstreak times are also tracked and displayed to the player on the killstreak.
  • Stats HUD: Displays your accuracy, kill/death ratio, and the game lobby's highest accuracy and killstreak record. An accompanying flame icon will highlight your accuracy if you hold the current top record.
  • Spectator HUD: Provides spectators with real-time updates on the game lobby's highest accuracy, kill/death ratio, and killstreak record.
  • Hardcore Mode: When enabled, players will lose a point when killed by another player whose score is higher than theirs, intensifying the challenge and competitive aspect of the mode.
  • Heal on Kill: You heal to max health with each kill you score. You can turn off this feature in the mode's workshop settings.
  • Special Map Effects: Discover maps with unique environmental effects. You can turn on these effects in the mode's workshop settings.
  • Localization: The text within this mode is derived from the Workshop's predefined string list, allowing for automatic translation into the language used by each player's Overwatch client.
  • Lightweight: This mode has been optimized to use fewer resources, ensuring peak server performance and stability.

Note: By default, each match has no time limit. However, you can customize the mode's workshop settings and turn off the 'Unlimited Game Length' option to set a time limit if desired. Additionally, you can turn off the score goal entirely by enabling the 'No Score Goal' option.

A special shoutout goes to Danichee for helping develop and maintain this mode.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Widowmaker
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version:


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