Widow HS Only

A revamped Widow Headshot Only mode scripted from scratch for Overwatch 2!

Scope in and take out your opponents with headshots only. Be the first Widowmaker to reach the 50-kill goal to win. With instant respawns enabled, this mode creates a fun environment for all players to sharpen their aiming and accuracy skills.


  • Stats HUD: Displays your accuracy and kill/death ratio, as well as the game lobby's current best accuracy and kill streak record. A flame icon will appear next to your accuracy if you hold the game lobby's current best record for it.
  • Personal Timer: Displays your time spent in a match to help you track your performance more effectively.
  • Kill Streak Announcements: A kill streak message will appear to the entire game lobby for every 5th kill.
  • Spectator HUD: Displays to spectators the game lobby's current best accuracy, kill/death ratio, and kill streak record.
  • Heal on Kill: You heal to max health with each kill you score. Additionally, whenever a player dies, their Grappling Hook's cooldown (3 seconds) is reset, allowing them to use it immediately after respawning.
  • Localization: The text used in this mode is sourced from the Workshop's predefined string list and automatically translates to the language used by each player's Overwatch client.
  • Lightweight: The mode has been optimized to use fewer resources, ensuring peak server performance and stability.

By default, there is no time limit for each game. However, you can customize the mode's workshop settings and turn off the 'Game Length Is Unlimited' option to set a time limit if desired. Additionally, you can disable the score goal by turning on the 'No Score To Win' option.

Note: While drawing inspiration from previous versions of Widow Headshot Only, we did not directly copy or reuse any code from other sources when developing this mode.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Widowmaker
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.4.0


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