Yet Another Tryhard FFA


Yet Another Tryhard FFA gamemode, cuz we needed more of those; right? (we didn't)

Written entirely in Deltin's OSTW


  • Player stats, changes dynamically to which hero you are playing (e.g. You wont see "Crit Accuracy" on Ana)

  • Player kill streaks; see who's doing well

  • Heal on kill, heals based on the maximum health of the player you killed

  • Custom timer to allow for matches to stay up for 4 hours and 15 minutes, instead of 1 hour which is the max Overwatch's timer can go

  • Widow red dot (disabled by default)

  • End game scoreboard

  • Instant respawning on pressing Jump while dead

  • Cooldowns reset on respawn, no more respawning as Tracer with 1 blink

  • Fully adjustable settings

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A couple of problems I have with this:
Instant respawn
With normal spawns you get a feeling for how long it takes to respawn. With instant respawns without option of spawning when you press a button you can just look at the killfeed. But because spawns can happen at any point during those 10 seconds it makes it very hard to know if you are in a safe positoin. People can spawn at any point right next to you. On top of that instant respawns makes it very easy to accidentally jump off the map. If you really have to have this please make a setting for it. I had to explain how to turn a rule off in the workshop but I could not for the life of me do it.

Heal on kill over time
Heal on kill has been a dealbreaker for player since it was first introduced. It changed how we play ffa. No longer can you go back and kill the guy who was low when he killed you, that is a good thing imo. I think it's good because it allows you to take another fight right after winning one. Others may not be as much of a fan of heal on kill. However what people that have tested both DO agree on is that heal on kill over time is absolutely not ok. Soldiers healing pad has 40 healing per second. Imagine you are Mccree and you are trying to kill a soldier, if soldier gets his healing pad down at medium range the fight is pretty even right? Sure but the soldier quickly turns around and kills a tracer, now he doesn't only have 40 healing per second he has 140 healing per second. (It doesn't matter how you tweak it. Too low and you have to wait ages to take another fight and it's the same as just going to pick up a healthpack and too fast you just can't kill them) If it's just instant 250 hp it's better because you are back to square one you are not fighting a triple pocketed soldier by 2 healers and his healing pad.

No heal on kill: 70+ burst damage is buffed a lot.
Instant heal on kill: Dive characters are buffed.
Heal on kill over time: Self healing is buffed

scort creator

people are free to play whichever tryhard ffa mode they want to play, this isn't meant to be a competition with other modes; just an option. im not changing anything, and, to be blunt: i dont really care since this is a side project. there are plenty of modes that do what you say is optimal. also, there is a setting to turn off instant respawning.


I didn't even check god damn that player must be blind to not find the setting.
That makes it more bearable, weird that you say you won't change anything when you literally updated the preset 8 hours ago though. You do you

scort creator

not caring about new feature/gameplay loops != not caring about bug fixes

there is a reason why the heal is capped to half of the max health of the victim, to prevent people from seeing low players as glorified health packs on legs, they still technically are, but theres far less incentive. people join the mode as a warm up in queue for comp, and i had that in mind the entire time, because people simply don't care, they just want to frag before their comp/scrim, and thats fine.


I can see why you made that decision, but saying people don't care about how heal on kill is implemented is like saying people don't care about the balance of the game it's just false.

Update Log (2)

  • Added doomfist to the environmental kills stat
  • Added hero icon and the hero being played to stats cuz why not
  • Stat text is shifted downward to not interfere with the in-queue toast
  • Fixed issue where server best streak wouldn't be hidden when the highest streak user leaves
  • Removed "self streak" HUD text
  • Hiding HUD now properly hides the enemy streaks
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