Cream JoJo Effect - PTR code


a cream effects demo with environment disturbance
(you can break railings when you fly through them as cream)

play sigma cause he looks the most like vanilla ice lol
press f to cream

(it returns with new effect update that adds an effect for cream's trail (its just a smoke trail using new effects on ptr, nothing special))

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Update Log (3)

unlisting this cause i added a smoke trail while players use cream using new effects from the ptr, probably will port to live when changes go through and then unlist again when ported

notes about the wreckingball pile driver effect: has about a 5s cycle with 3 seconds of smoke and then 2s of nothing, so you need to stack a few to get a continuous stream of smoke. im failry certain that the animation cycle begins whenever the effect becomes visible to a player, so it may be in sync on one players screen but out of sync on another's (ex. all making smoke at the same time on person a's screen, all making smoke at different times on person b's screen). this is just a theory with a bit of evidence, though, id test it more to be sure.

unlisted this code now that i added a smoke trail while in cream using new effects from the ptr, will probably port them when they come over, i was also trying to get the sprint effect to work without a player, but it seems they wont do, and cant attach them to the player using cream since they disappear when the player goes invisible, or maybe thats wrong and im stupid idk

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