Rifty : Custom Character by HappyHotdog#11271

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Made a custom hero that's a dimension traveler. This is kind of a demo or beta I guess? To how one of my game modes will be coded like, I'm gonna make another demo with 3 characters and the actual game mechanics and score system.

Here are her Abilities:

Passive: Step-by-Step
Your Abilities allow you to walk on places that are only available on other dimensions
Walk and air and move quicker while holding [jump] in the air

Ability 1: Cosmo Switch
Your kinetic abilities allow you to travel through dimensions
Go into another Dimension to become invisible and move quickly

Secondary Fire: Teleportation
You have the ability to change your position anytime, anywhere
Teleport yourself 15 meters in front of you

Ability 2: Dimension Disruption
Your kinetic power allows you cause an error into a universe
Hack and stun enemies in a 10-meter range

Ultimate: Cosmo Control
You have the ability to control space and people
Create a 15-meter dome that blocks the outside people and hack, stun, and root people inside it

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