Ability prototype: Levitation (Valhalla Ascent) by ColdHazzard#11337

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Current Test hero: Mercy (Ultimate)
Ability: When using Valkyrie, levitates allies within a 10 meter radius sphere of the hero when the interact key is held. Allies may cancel effects by leaving area of effect or by holding the crouch key.

-Create a fun ability that is not necessarily practical, but not destructive to other players game play.
-Create area of effect ability to alter gravity of/levitate (living or dead) allies.

-Crouch cancel for allies.
-Freedom of movement while being levitated.

Current bugs:
-Certain instances cause heroes to remain in "Levitation" animation even after effect is over. (Might have something to do with gravity)
-Allies become immune to effects if they leave the area of effect and re-enter while another ally is still being levitated, unless interact key is released and held again.

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