McCree Shooting Course in Route 66

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.


A shooting course created by Apollo#13615. Shoot down 60 enemies and run through Route 66. I hope this is useful for your time killing and aim practice. Have fun :)

This is my first work. There may be some bad parts, but I'm glad if you enjoy it. Please contact me if you have any problems or questions. I would like to respond and answer as much as possible.

I'm not good at English. When I communicate with a generous heart using simple English as much as possible, I will do my best to show poor English.

In a Lobby

  • White effect: Start the game.
  • Red effect: Change hero to Hanzo.
  • Yellow effect: Changes the hero to McCree.
  • Behind the spawn point: Special operation instructions in the game.
  • Exit on the left: Records of the last three challenges

In a Game

Shoot down 6 bots in the area. McCree's attack power is slightly up.
If you defeat 6 people, 6 bots will appear in the next area.
Repeat this process and beat 60 bots in 10 areas to clear the game. When clearing, the clear time is displayed.
End point A: 3 areas = 18 bots
End point B: 3 areas = 18 bots
End point C: 4 areas = 24 bots

No directions exist. Remember the position of the bot by repeatedly playing and find the best route yourself. Stupid bots always appear in the same place.

In Game Control

Crouch + "Group up" Voice line = Game reset.
Emote = Activate Infra-Sight and search for enemies in the area.

Miscellaneous note

If you take a screenshot when you clear it and record it, you may be able to see your growth or compete with others.
For reference, my friend who helped me debug the record was 82.78 seconds. My record is ... 87 seconds.
If you can clear it earlier than 90 seconds, it may be said that it is faster.


Categories: Solo
Heroes: Hanzo, Cassidy
Maps: Route 66
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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