Soccerwatch Rumble (WIP)


Here's my second English localization project. While this mode is still WIP, the original author is still playtest this mode, I personally find it quite feature riched enough to publish, also with the guy's permission to release.

It's soccer! Or football depends where you live. With a little twists from Overwatch, and here's Soccerwatch Rumble.

Some basic controls are listed here:

Keys Functions
Interact Pass / Shoot (Hold to charage shot)
Melee Steal (25% chance)
Hello Ask for pass
Hold Reload Switch heroes
Hold Ult Switch 1st / 3rd cam

Also some abilities are tweaked to buff them. Play the mode to discover all the changes!

Categories | Minigames
Tags | soccer football
Heroes | All
Created At |
Updated At |
Version | WIP


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