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in an alternate universe, a mechanic known as lives in junkertown and watches the most popular source of entertainment known as Meka Battles.

She has seen people gain fame and riches by winning the meka battle seasons. Due to this she decides to build her mech with her fellow mechanic companion to enter the meka battles.
It has taken many months to construct her mech named "tokki" but now she has finished it and has the chance to start her journey of becoming the ultimate champion in junkertown.

Will you start her journey?

what the mode contains.

Experience a 15 minute (on average) long PVE story mode. This mode will consist of cinematic cutscenes along with interactive moments along the way such as commiting to certain tasks and making decisions.

will chapter 2 ever be released?

chapter 2 is now no longer on hitaus as i'm active once again and this streamer known as Mo_tionGaming made me so happy when he played my mode and giving such positive feedback. :)
Now for the release date? well im not giving one until its done lol. Can't make you guys unhappy by breaking another promise.

Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Solo
Tags: story pve solo
Maps: Junkertown
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