Ever wanted to kick your friends and foes into infinity in Necropolis? Well, now you can! Choose between 3 modes: Endless, Score Limit and Time Limit, and kill other players in order to score. Increase your score gain by dealing environmental blows or by staying in the point marked by the white flag. The point generates score, ammo and shields over time. Kick players while at a high speed to launch them further!

Traversal & Combat

Use Jump Pads and Speed Pads to traverse the
map and surprise your enemies. Use Recharge Pads
to refill your skills and ammo instantly.


Using your Shield grants bonus HP and
reduces the strength of incoming attacks. The Parry
allows you to counter-kick an enemy if you hit it
at the right time. Camouflage enables you
to surprise your enemies or escape dangerous

Zeus' Legs

Look out for a blue orb and grab it if you can.
You'll embody the thunder god itself (or at least
the lower half of him) and become able to kick
your enemies into the stratosphere. Enemies that
kill you will inherit Zeus' Legs!

Players | 2 - 12
Heroes: Zenyatta
Maps: Necropolis
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2.3



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