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Doom Sumo Reworked V 2.0.0

This is an Enhanced Version of Doom Sumo 3.2.3 by Besii, MrDorin, Bebel & MuzzleBreak .
This Mode Adds Extra Features To Base Doom Sumo + Some Adjustments to Bring Some Fun Into The Mode .
This Mode Should NOT Be Considered a Competetive Doom Sumo Mode . Just For Fun ! Also u Can Ignore Extra Stuff and Play Normally . The 1V1 Mode is as Untouched as Possible.

There are 2 Orbs in Air Which u can get to Boost your Character (They Apear and Disapear Continuously) .
RED : +2 Punch Charges For Doomfist or Charge Attacks For Roadhog or Torbjörn
AQUA : Charges Ultimate
♦ Both Orbs Will Disappear When there are Only 2 Palyers Alive !

If you Die And There are More Than 2 Players Alive , There is a Chance that you get Ressurected as Torbjörn(3%) or Doomfist(10%) or Roadhog(2%).

your Size Will Increases as Any Character if u Kill Opponents or Eat Orbs in Some Conditions . But If You Die Your Size Will Reset to Normal . If you Reach The Size of X1.5, u Will Smoke !!

Both Torbjörn And Roadhog have Special New Mechanic To Be Able To Fight With Doomfist .
Both Have Combo Potential . But Torbjörn Survival Kit is Weaker. Roadhog is More Like A Boss But Chance to Play As Him Is Low .

Roadhog :
His Primary or Secondary Fire Will Apply Impulse on Enemies Based On Distance Between His Enemies and Himself + When He is Charged He Will Also Stun Them And Applies Heavier Impulse
Can Use His Potion Ability To Defend Attacks ( Charge his Attacks + Block ) or Fly Back To Platform From Close Range For Parkour Purposes

His Hook Burns Enemy And Hacks Them For 3 Sec (Can Be Used Near Edges of Platform to Throw Enemies out )
His Ultimate Applies Impulse on Himself and Enemies ( Can Be Used For Attacking or Survival and Parkour)
If You are far Enough From Platform , His Potion Ability Will Charges His Ultimate For Survival (To Apply Impulse on Himself And Get Back On Platform)
if You Use Potion Ability with one of his Attacks (Primary or Secondary Fire) , His Attack Will Also Stun Enemies
+Other Stuff That You Can Check Out In The Mode

Torbjörn :
He Only Uses His Hammer Which Apply Some Tiny Impulse + Stun But Continuously .
on Charged Mode He Will Do Much Bigger Impulse + Stun
His Overload Ability Will Create Some IFrames And Charge His Attacks and Improves His Movements at Start of Using Ability . if He is Outside of Platform Area His Overload Ability Will Also Applu Some Upward Impulse so He Can Get Back On Platform
+Other Stuff That You Can Check Out In The Mode

Both Roadhog and Torbjörn Have Special Interactions With Orbs !

V2 Changes :
• Overhauled The Mode So It is Way more Under-Control
• Added a New PoweSlam Option For Doomfist Combo Kit ( Slaming From +15m High Will Trigger The Power Slam Which i s An Unblockable Knuckdown + Applies Some Impulse ) (U Can Punch PowerSlamed Enemy Mid-Air To Apply More Impulse on him But Timing Is Tight)
• Bug Fixes and Adjustments

Look At Update log for New Changes in V2.

Absolutly Feel Free To Add to Or Fix Or Adjust The Mode !


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Doomfist
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.0.0



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