Hardcore Overwatch (FFA)

Hardcore Overwatch

Mode: Free for All (Deathmatch).

Expect hard gameplay while being stripped of all comforts. Survival demands skill and strategy. Are you up for the challenge?

Game rules:

  • HUD: Your HUD is stripped of all comforts, including crosshairs, health bars, ammo display, and visible cooldowns, pushing your skill to the limit. A custom HUD will alert you when your abilities are ready for action.
  • In-World UI: Navigate the battlefield without enemy outlines, nameplates, or health bars, intensifying combat and requiring heightened awareness.
  • Modified Damage: Brace yourself for amplified damage and devastating melee strikes, necessitating caution and strategic positioning for survival.
  • Ammunition Scarcity: Ammo is a precious commodity; make every shot count to conserve your limited supply.
  • Bonus points: Precision pays off with additional points for critical kills such as headshots. Melee eliminations also reward additional points.

If you want to add AI bots, it's recommended to select the "lethal" difficulty or higher.

Make sure to use the correct game code to receive the latest updates:
Game Code: AKFT1
Current version: v1.0.
Created by Dutchli.

More game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, are coming for this custom game.

Known issues:
For a few heroes, the custom HUD does not work for certain abilities. This is due to a bug and limitations in the workshop, with no known workaround at the moment.

  • Ability 1 HUD is not working for: Genji, Junkrat, Symmetra, Tracer, and Zarya.
  • Ability 2 HUD is not working for: Tracer, Baptiste, D.Va, and Reinhardt.
  • Secondary Fire HUD is not working for: Soldier and Ramattra.
Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Free for all, Survival
Heroes: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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