Pumpkin Blast!


"Hey, isn't it November already?" Shut up.


In The Halloween Reaper's Serene Realm, a group of gunslingers have arrived to destroy the pumpkins scattered throughout the land and harvest the magical candy inside.

Shoot pumpkins (orange spheres) to earn candy. Take the candies to the attackers' first spawn to transmutate them or synthesize crystals. The player with the most crystals wins. Though be aware that shooting pumpkins makes noise, and if you make too much noise, The Reaper may notice you...

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, a pumpkin may become invincible. Spooky...

Planned Features

  • Add a shop system
    • Currently, there's a transmutation system, but I only added that because I wanted to get the game out as soon as possible. As there are no candy-specific purchases, the transmutator is kinda useless, but I'll find a function for it someday.
  • Improve the Reaper's AI
    • Currently, the Reaper has two modes: run towards the player when he sees them, or run towards the player's last seen position if he can't see them. If the Reaper has finished running to the player's last seen place, but the player is nowhere to be seen, he will get stuck. This isn't that big of a problem, as the player will still have to come within the Reaper's line of sight to shoot them, but it's a bit awkward.


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Update Log (3)


  • Decreased the amount of candy required to synthesize a crystal to 50 (was 100)
    • Previously, since the amount was a bit high, there would be a lot of ties for top spot at the end of the game. This should reduce it.

AI Changes

  • The Reaper now teleports up to you if you are on the high ground
  • The Reaper will now attempt to jump if they get stuck
    • These changes should make it a bit harder for players to cheese the Reaper fight.


  • Updated code to Live
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