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At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a role. You will be either an innocent or an impostor, both roles act as opposing teams, each with the ultimate goal of eliminating all members of the opposite team. Both teams get different information, and are given different means to defeat the other team.


The innocents can't tell which team anyone is on except themselves. In order to win they need to discover the members of the impostor team and eliminate them. Because of this, it is in their interest to prove their innocence however they can, and identify the roles of the other players.

_Voting: _

The main way the innocents can eliminate the impostors is by voting. When a vote is called, all players will either skip, or vote for who the player they think the impostor is. If the vote isn't skipped or drawn, the player with the most votes will be killed and it will be revealed if they were the impostor or not.

Rescue Ship

The other way the innocents win is if the rescue ship arrives. After the power boxes are repaired or the distress signal is sent, a countdown will begin until the rescue ship arrives. Once the timer expires an extraction zone will spawn, and if an innocent sets foot inside, then the innocents win.


The impostors can see who the other impostors are, but because of their fewer numbers, need to hide their identities in order to avoid being voted out by the innocents. It is in the interest of the impostors to convince the innocents that they are innocent. In order to win, all the innocents need to be killed off.


The impostors have the ability to kill innocents who are within melee range. The kill ability is exclusive to impostors, so if an innocent sees you kill another player, they will know you are an impostor. Kill also has a 45 second cool down, so it is important to spread your kills out and make sure you have time to kill all the remaining innocents.


Each map contains an alternate way the impostors can win. The relic and pathogen are both items that spawn at predetermined locations a random amount of time after the repair boxes are done/ distress signals are sent. If the relic is picked up and brought out to a location in space, the impostors win. The pathogen kills all innocents that set foot inside it, so it can be used to kill a large number of innocents in a short amount of time, or block off an important area.

Calling a Vote

A button can be found at a specific spot on the map that calls a vote when interacted with. Each player can call a vote only once, so be careful.


Items are small colorful orbs that are given to certain players when the game starts, or can be found around the map. A player's item is displayed over their head, or in the top left corner of the screen. Items can be dropped or picked up with your ultimate button (Y). Certain items are required for certain things.

Purple: System Password

Red: Repair Kit

Yellow: Alien Relic

Green: Unknown Pathogen

Global Tasks

Global tasks are displayed as yellow icons around the map that can be seen when a certain item is equipped. Unlike player tasks, they are shared between all players. If the global tasks are not completed within a few minutes of the game starting, the impostors win. To enter a task, press interact (Left stick), and to exit, crouch (B).

Send Distress Signal:

The system password is required. To complete this task the system password needs to be input into the terminal. See the Tech section for instructions on inputting a code.

Repair Power Boxes:

The repair kit is required. To complete this task, press jump (A) and wait until the progress hits 100%.

Player Tasks

Every character has one of four jobs. All tasks need to be completed in order to unlock your ultimate ability. To enter a task, press interact (Left stick), and to exit, crouch (B).


To collect samples, just click interact. Once all four samples have been collected, click on the light blue arrow to begin analyzing them. Come back to the terminal when the analyzing timer runs out. To find the anomaly, interact with the same terminal again, and use the arrow to select the highest of the four numbers with jump (A).


After you've interacted with the red arrow, press A to begin the repair. Once the progress reaches 100% that task is complete.


To access a terminal, you need to input the system password. Use the ability 1 and ability 2 buttons (lb and rb) to move the cursor left and right, and jump (A) to increment the selected digit. Once the digits in the terminal match the system password, the task is complete.


Take inventory by interacting and pressing jump (A). After all three inventories have been taken, you need to access a terminal. See the Tech section for instructions on that.


Each character has unique abilities. The passive ability is unlocked by default as soon as the game begins, and the ultimate ability is unlocked once all the player's tasks have been completed.



Passive: Last Man Standing

If McCree is the last innocent alive, the rescue ship timer will be lowered to 15 seconds

Ultimate: Revolver (One time)

McCree gets one shot with his revolver, don't miss


Passive: Vote Counts Twice

Whenever Tracer votes for a player or skips, it adds 2 votes instead of 1

Ultimate: Emergency Vote (One time)

Tracer can call a vote from anywhere, and it does not use up Tracer's normal vote call

Passive: Sprint has increased speed and can outrun every character in the game

Ultimate: Stun Gun (4 Shots)

Stuns a player for a couple seconds when hit


Passive: Betrayal (Impostor) (One time)

If you are an impostor and your teammate has died, you can use this to make another player an impostor

Ultimate: Assassinate (One time)

Throws a burst of three stars, they aren't instant kills, so hitting most of your shots is important



Passive: Knows One Innocent

Baptiste knows the identity of one other innocent

Ultimate: Traitor Tester (One time)

Tests a player and tells Baptiste if they are an innocent or impostor


Passive: Can See Dead Bodies

Mei can see the age and location of dead bodies, along with whether or not the player was an impostor.

Ultimate: Stasis Dome (One time)

Places a dome that freezes all players inside for the duration of the dome. Can be aimed with crouch (B).


Passive; Plant Evidence (Impostor)

As an impostor, you can plant evidence on a player, making them appear as the opposite role when scanned, voted out, etc.

Ultimate: Scanner (Building)

Each innocent has a 1/3 chance of being able to scan. If the orb on the scanner is green, you can scan by pressing interact on it. If a player can scan (with some
exceptions), they are innocent, but if they can't scan it does not make them an impostor. The scanner notifies all players nearby when someone scans.


Passive: Resistance

In addition to having considerably higher health than most players, Roadhog is immune to the Pathogen and non-physical abilities EX: Betrayal, Defect, Stun Gun,
Knock Out, Stasis Dome, etc

Ultimate: Inject Pathogen (One time)

When a player is injected, if they are innocent they will die, and if they are impostor they will survive. Be careful about using this carelessly, as if you guess wrong you are doing the impostors a favor. This is the only ability not affected by abilities that lie to scanners.



Passive: Add skip (Requires ultimate) (Costs health/Regenerates)

When in a vote, Torbjorn can sacrifice an amount of his health to add an additional skip. This can be used multiple times in one vote provided Torbjorn has health left. His health regenerates slowly over time.

Ultimate: Rampage (Impostor) (One time)

Torbjorn reveals himself as impostor to all nearby players, but is able to kill for a short duration without any cool down. Use this if the innocents are bunched up tightly to quickly kill a lot of people.


Passive: Sabotage Vote (One time)

Prevents a vote from being called for a short amount of time, if a vote is in progress, that vote is cancelled.

Ultimate: Snare Trap (One time*)

Doomfist places a snare trap that is invisible to all other players, if stepped on, the player who is caught will take damage and die if they are not freed. A player who is snared can be freed by a nearby player pressing interact on them, or a vote being called. Doomfist can pick up his snare if it has not been triggered by saying "I need healing."


Passive: Barricade (Cooldown)

Places a barricade that cannot be walked through by any player other than Brig for 30 seconds. Players who bump into the barricade will be lightly damaged to prevent players trying to glitch through it. The barricade will be usable again after a couple minutes.

Ultimate: Thermal Barrier (Costs health/Regenerates)

A barrier that can be placed on Brig, or another player, making them invincible for a couple seconds. The barrier costs health, but it is regenerated.


Passive: Neutral

Zenyatta always comes up as innocent when scanned, voted out, etc..., and he can always scan on Mercy's scanner. If he is impostor, his teammate will always come up as innocent too, but won't be able to scan.

Ultimate: Knock Out (One time)

Note: this ability has some bugs right now | Knocks out a player for a couple minutes, preventing them from moving or voting. The player can be woken up after 30 seconds, but if they aren't they will wake up on their own after a while.



Passive: Your Item is Hidden

Other players can't tell what item you're holding

Ultimate: Invisibility (Costs health/ won't kill)

While held, Sombra will be invisible and have increased speed. Her footsteps are often audible and visible if she is moving, so be careful.


Passive: Suppress Player (Costs health/ will kill)

While a player is suppressed, they are unable to call a vote, kill, or use their abilities. Suppressing a player drains Moira's health so be careful.

Ultimate: Rift (One time)

Moira places a rift that can be returned to once.

Soldier 76

Passive: Tactical Vest (Requires Ultimate)

Soldier is immune to all physical damage, this includes Revolver, Assassinate, Stun Gun and Snare Trap, but not the impostors' kill ability.

Ultimate: Defect (Impostor) (One time)

Turns an innocent player into a defector, an innocent who's objective is to help the impostors. As a defector, you are still innocent in almost every way, if you get scanned or voted it will stay innocent, you can't kill and you die to the pathogen, but you win if the impostors win, and you need to be voted out for the innocents to win. It is in the defector's interest to help the impostors in any way possible.


Passive: Track Player

Places a tracker on a player that can be removed and placed at no cost. Only one player can be tracked at a time. If the player Symetra is tracking dies, she will see a light blue ring where they died.

Ultimate: Disarm (One time)

A player who is disarmed can't use their ultimate ability

Game Rules

1. Mute your mic when dead (unless discussing anything important and non-game related)

2. Avoid blurting out names before dying, even though you are alive it makes the game significantly less fun for everyone.

3. Avoid staying in groups or hard to reach areas, it makes killing as the impostor very difficult and makes the game less fun for everyone

Other Rules:
4. If you are an impostor, do not reveal or kill the other impostor(s) unless you have a good reason to do so (To look innocent, use Betrayal, etc...)

5. Do not share screenshots or team with members of the other team (Unless you plan on joining that team later in the game with Betrayal or Defect)

IMPORTANT: Overwatch limits the ammount of stuff that can be in a game, so I probably won't be adding brand new characters or maps soon, but I will continue to update, change and balance existing characters.

If you have any further questions, contact alonelytaco1337 on Xbox.

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