revamped urf total mayhem 500 cd

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Widow has aim assist.
Widow 1 shot players if damaged.

Hanzo has aim assist with his storm arrows.
Hanzo 1 shot with his normal arrows (no storm arrows)

Orisa stuns people when he damaged them.

Mccree 2-3 shot people with his primary left click.

F to togle 3rd person/1st person

Ctrl + R to suicide ( 15 seconds cooldown) (intended for perma stun)

Killstreak :
if you have a killstreak of 5 , enemies will be able to see you through walls, you will grow insanely big, proporitionate to your killstreak and have an icon on your head.

Ashe, if not using bob, all does 20% damage.

Bots . They have 40% health, deal 40% healing and 85% damage.
They fill up player slots if there are insufficient players.
Bots if crit, will deal 29% damage
Bots teleport to objective/payload check point every few seconds.

Baptiste has full auto now. (controllable recoil)

Fix default random respawn , you will now respawn as a different hero regardless of any death (5 seconds cd)

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Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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