Personal Ana Nano Boost by Cazza17#2331

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Personal Nano Boost when pressing Interact.

Code: AF71T

I created a mod for all the people that want to practice with Nano Boost, this mod allows you to press F (Interact) and an Ana Bot will be teleported to you and then Nano you, the nano will then go on a cooldown for the duration of the nano, this means that only one person can be nanoed at a time, which is game limited anyway.


Place any difficulty ana bot in the second slot of team 1 (This is slot 1 in the code), the code means unfortuanely that the bot is rooted and serves no purpose except for the nano boost. However anyone on the team can gain the Nano Boost.



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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Ana
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Current version: 1.0.0

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