Fake stall creator

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

So we all know blizzard occasionally removes stalls from the game.
This tool lets you create a fake stall and copy it into your map.
Re-live your nogastalia or preserve your parkour map.

Set up to 3 fake stalls in the editor, but you can make more on your map if you want. Check the readme.

ps: they don’t have to be real stall locations, you can even place them in mid-air if you like.

Use the editor to find the right spot for the stall, then copy all rules above the editor section and enter the settings you made in the stall 1,2,3 rules.

Known issues:

  • slamming stalls can get you stuck. added the option to disable slamming in a stall per stall.
  • placing the stall in objects or floor can sometimes get you stuck
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Heroes: Doomfist
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Current version: 7.2

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