Moira - Hitbox and ability visualizer.

How Biotic Grasp (Secondary fire) works

  • Deals damage 5.2 times a second (once every 0.192s), for a total of 50 damage per second at a 20m range.
  • The "Beam" does not have a width, similar to hitscan.
  • Normal hitboxes dont apply to Moira, instead her enemies have capsule-shaped "padding" around the character model making Moira's aim more forgiving than normal hitscan heroes. (hitboxes are shown as red effects in this workshop)
  • If the aim is moved away from the enemy hitbox area, one more damage tick occurs even when not aiming at the enemy, but the damage dealt is lowered. For example, if the aim is moved back and forth so that every second damage tick occurs while aiming away from the enemy, the total number of damage ticks would still be the same as when aiming directly at the enemy, but the damage dealt would drop to half (25 dps). This allows the healing resource meter to regenterate more consistently for players with inconsistent aim.

How Biotic Grasp (Primary fire) works

  • Fires ~20 projectile spheres per second with a raidus of 0.75. The spheres travel at 40m/s for a maximum distance of 15m, each sphere healing the target for 3.5.
  • Healing goes trough players and can heal several teammates at once, but is blocked by shields and walls.
  • After a teammate has been healed by biotic grasp, another 35 healing is applied over 4 seconds. being hit by another healing sphere resets the "heal over time"-timer, meaning the heal over time effect will keep resetting and only start healing after the target stops recieving healing from the primary fire.

How to use the workshop

There are 22 heroes using the same 2m * 3m hitbox and 5 heroes using a bigger 2.4m * 3.3m hitbox.
The remaining 5 heroes have a slightly different hitbox and are shown seperatly in the workshop as the 5 rightmost heroes. The blue spheres show where the hitbox would otherwise have ended if they had used a standard sized hitbox.

Dealing damage creates a small sphere on the wall behind the bot. this can be used to easier see the size of the enemy hitbox.


  • R (Reload) - Remove all spheres created by dealing damage
  • F (Interact) - Change the 2 leftmost bots, useful for testing and comparing hitbox sizes. The hitbox of the active bot is shown in green text.

Complete list of hero hurtbox sizes:

2m * 3m

2.4m * 3.3m

2m * 2.55m
(0.45m shorter than the standard size for small/medium sized heroes)

3m * 3m

2.4m * 3m
(0.3m shorter than the standard size for big heroes)

2.4m * 3.5m
(0.2m taller than the standard size for big heroes)

Please report any errors if you find any, and keep in mind that balance and numbers might change in the future

Players | 1 - 4
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Moira
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.1



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