🍪 Cookie Clicker (up to 2 people)

Simple to use:

  • Left click (primary fire) to gain money
  • If you got enough money, upgrade autominer
  • Earn enough income to get permanent prestige points on your progress reset. Prestige points does increase your income slightly.

Investing in upgrading autominer increasing their upgrade cost over the time.

There're a total of 17 levels of autominer spread over the map.
Spreadsheet-table for all levels and costs.

(This is still not the final version. Verious things gonna be implemented.) This mode is restricted by the total amount of text-elemts blizzard allows. This mode wont be updated anymore.

Known bug:

  • LvL 7 : showing a start cost of 16992,19 instead of 17k. This is only visual. Calculation still works with 17k from beginning.

This mode only works up to two people! Any more will break the mode!

Sidenote: This was one of my first modes I created. So the mode may not seems as well shaped as it could be.

Categories: PvE, Miscellaneous
Heroes: All
Maps: Busan
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 2.1.0



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