Touhou Overwatch Mode By Kekyoin

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Touhou Overwatch Mode By Kekyoin


WASD to move (obviously lul)

M1 to fire

Shift to Focus

E to use a Bomb (or a screenclear, whatever word suits you)

It is recommended that in this mode, you turn off voiceline audio and subtitles.


Pros: High Damage
High Speed

Cons: Have to be directly below the enemy to hit them


Pros: You dont have to stand directly beneath the enemy

Cons: Slower than mercy
Less Damage compared to mercy
Have to be near the enemy

Mercy is hard to play but probably better if you learn how to play her, while moira is a beginner choice if you are playing for the first time or something

The game was designed to be mostly faithful to Touhou, so I added in a scoring system.

Ways to obtain score are:

Killing enemies in the stage portion.
Beating a spell will give you score depending on how fast you did it based on the spell bonus, the spell bonus decreases rapidly and you can see it right below the spell name
Beating the game on Hard and Lunatic difficulties gives you some bonus score.

There is no actual use for score, it is just for showing off


There are 4 difficulties in the mode. You can change these in the workshop settings:

Easy mode: Not challenging at all.
Normal mode: Slightly challenging.
Hard mode: The recommended difficulty.
Lunatic mode: This difficulty is a joke. If you play this with low lives then you will want to smash your computer.

The recommended difficulties are Hard and Lunatic. If you are not experienced then you can change your lives in the workshop settings to be more.

Bombs (Screenclear)

These are activated using Ability 2 (E by default). They make you immortal and also use some lasers because lasers are cool.
The bomb itself doesnt do damage, however you can still fire during it to rack up damage to the boss.
The bomb also erases all bullets on screen, however that only includes projectiles and not things such as lasers.

The Boss

After the short stage portion, you will fight the boss. The boss attacks are of two types: spells and non-spells.
Non spells are just regular attacks. You can beat them or time them out to progress to the next spell.
Spells are special attacks. If you beat them, they give you score based on the spell card bonus, which decreases rapidly and you can see it right below the spell name. However, if you time them out, you still progress to the next attack but do not get any score.
Unlike in Touhou, bombing or dying does not cancel out the spell card bonus. You just have to beat the spell.

Other settings

  1. In this mode, I use mercy's ult a lot. However, since there is no infinite ultimate duration, I have to constantly make her use her ultimate. If you do not wish to turn off the voiceline audio in the settings, then you can turn on STUN in the Mercy ultimate voiceline in the workshop settings. It will make her stunned for a second and interrupt her voiceline, and replace it with the stunned one. However because of how this mode works, it may change the bullet patterns. Keep in mind this is only for the mercy bots. Moira and other such bots will still speak their voicelines.
  2. It is difficult to see the bullets coming at you because the floor in the workshop chamber is white, and there is no night version. So, I made a few very large black spheres covering the floor so that the bullets are more visible (Thanks to Double System for the idea). However, if you do not want to see these spheres, go into the workshop settings and disable Black Spheres.
  3. I tried to make the mode faithful to touhou in many ways. However many people might not like that. For example, many people want autofire as they do not want to hold mouse 1 the entire time. If you do not wish to press M1 to fire, then go into the workshop settings and enable Autofire.
  4. If you wish not to stay below the enemy, you can turn on Autoaim in the Workshop Settings (Thanks to Therister for the help). It is not recommended to turn this on as it may have many bugs, like the autoaiming randomly stopping. The game is also obviously not balanced around it as Mercy is much better with autoaim than Moira.

Thank You for Playing.

Criticism would be appreciated, however I will probably not return to workshop in a long time as it is limited, and want to instead want to move on to actual game engines like unity.

Gameplay Video (ignore the title hehehe)

Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Solo
Heroes: Ana, Mercy, Moira
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0



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