PVP Quests Quantum (Newly Updated)




(formerly PVP Quests Deluxe)

The long-awaited 3.0 update has arrived!

(Based on BattleMercy's RPG Quests v.13.6.11)

Originated from Rinq's game mode "World of PVP", which was later improved and further developed by BattleMercy (called "RPG Quests").
Link to the original forum post and gamemode here: https://chl.li/rpgquests

DISCLAIMER: I just modified BattleMercy's mode on the parts that I understood, so thanks to all their hardwork!)

In this custom game mode, you'll partake in various quests to earn gold which you can use to upgrade many aspects of your hero! Fight in the wastelands outside the city, while random events take place frequently. BE THE STRONGEST AND GREATEST PLAYER!

New and Improved Features (vs. BattleMercy's version):

  • Updated most colors for better visuals
  • New icons for special areas for better visibility
  • Moved some HUD placements around for better readability
  • Improved texts in world
  • Higher starting gold
  • Better catch-up system for late-game joiners
  • Blood Crystal now damages slightly less and gives slightly more gold
  • Gold Mine now has a slightly higher gold reward and wider radius
  • Four brand-new events
  • Teleport to the City easily with a single press (Hold 'Interact' while standing)
  • Added Server Uptime HUD for convenience
  • Cleaned up rules and reduced effects for maximum stability
  • Various Host Controls
  • ~~Anti-Crash system~~ (disabled temporarily, can be enabled in workshop)
  • Emeralds system (replaces BattleMercy's Diamond system)
  • and many more that are unlisted!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where your speed would go below 100% using the Movespeed Downgrade
  • Fixed a bug where you could not get a new hero after using the Random Hero shop
  • Fixed a bug where re-rolling a quest would give you an empty Quest HUD

HOW TO ...

Use A Shop (usually marked with a ring on the floor):

  • Press 'Interact' to buy something once.
  • Press 'Crouch + Interact' to buy something rapidly.
  • and Press 'Left Mouse Button + Interact' to buy something ALL at once with ALL your gold.

Use The Bank (same concept as using the shops, but you add/take gold versus buying something):

  • Press 'Interact' to add/take 10 Gold once.
  • Press 'Crouch + Interact' to add/take 10 Gold rapidly.
  • and Press 'Left Mouse Button + Interact' to add/take ALL your gold ALL at once.

Teleport Back to the City:

  • Press 'Interact' while anywhere far from the city to teleport back.
  • You must be standing and not crouching while teleporting.
  • Teleporting back to the city is not instantaneous. There is a bit of delay.

Get The Emerald Orb and What Emeralds Do:

  • The Emerald Orb spawns somewhere near the Gold Mine.
  • Capturing the Emerald Orb takes a bit of time.
  • Once captured, the Emerald Orb will start providing emeralds at a rate of 1 emerald/5 seconds.
  • The current holder of the Emerald Orb will be displayed on the top left along with your stats.
  • The Emerald Orb will start damaging you over time and also get you hacked at the moment of capture.
  • To heal from the damage over time, hold 'Crouch' and you will slowly gain health.
  • Once the Emerald Orb gives you 10 emeralds, it will start providing emeralds at a new rate of 5 emeralds/5 seconds.

Lose the Emerald Orb:

  • To get rid of the Emerald Orb, you can either: suicide, get killed, go back to the city on foot, leave the match, or manually drop it yourself.
  • If you get killed by a player, the Emerald Orb drops at the nearest walkable location to your dead body. Same goes for if you suicide off the map.
  • If you leave the match, the Emerald Orb will be dropped from wherever you were standing on.
  • To manually drop the Emerald Orb, press 'Left Mouse Button + Right Mouse Button' to drop it at your feet.

Get Lots of Gold from the Emerald Exchange:

  • Great, you have acquired enough emeralds! You can trade them for some sweet gold back in the city via the Emerald Exchange.
  • This lets you expedite your gold earnings faster as the value grows over time.
  • That's about it? ... (for now)

Common Known Bugs

  • The pk status that is displayed above the players head sometimes fails to go away after pk status has expired.
  • Pressing Interact + Crouch to buy the max amount at the shops will delete any gold spent upgrading stats beyond their cap.
  • Re-rolling a stay alive quest will cause the next one to be completed instantly with 0 reward.
  • A couple HUD objects will double up.

Big Thanks to these Ideamakers:

  • Bazroz
  • Dann
  • LukeDaBoring
  • Desmin
  • LosingColor


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How do you use the host commands?

panico *

I used this code to host a game and everibody gets ult exept me, i bought the ult to and after 50% used the ancient altar still no ults


Just want to say maybe buff the blood crystal. Also are you going to implement the new diamonds ?

Arius creator

Blood Crystal is now slightly buffed in the new Quantum update!


I'm interested on how this "Anti-Crash" system works?


They've removed the custom powers upgrades, they were the most problematic.
It still crashes, usually around the 90 min mark so its much more playable.

Arius creator

Basically: If the server load is more than 200 for more than a second, set slow motion until it goes back down to 175.

Update Log


PVP Quests Quantum (Bug Fixes?)

Version 3.3-13.6.11 Notes

What's New?

  • Nothing

What's Improved?

  • Hopefully the dang HUD duplication is fixed ...

What's Removed?

  • Nothing

To see the bigger updates I made, scroll below to the Quantum 3.0 PatchNotes!


PVP Quests Quantum (Minor Fixes)!

Version 3.2-13.6.11 Notes

What's New?

  • Nothing

What's Improved?

  • Fixed a bug where Server Uptime HUD would still double up
  • Fixed the version number to correct one

What's Removed?

  • Nothing

To see the bigger updates I made, scroll below to the Quantum 3.0 PatchNotes!


PVP Quests Quantum (Minor Update)!

Version 3.1-13.6.11 Notes

What's New?

  • Nothing

What's Improved?

  • Fixed a bug where some HUD texts would duplicate per player

What's Removed?

  • Disabled Host Controls for now, until they're better optimized

To see the bigger updates I made, scroll below to the Quantum 3.0 PatchNotes!


Welcome to PVP Quests Quantum Update!

Version 3.0-13.6.11 Patchnotes

What's New?

  • New Indicator Icons for all key areas of the map have been added
  • Server Uptime HUD now added
  • Scheduled Restart function now added
    • Server will now restart in 90 minutes if no player has reached 200 kills before then
  • Anti-Crash System now added
    • Server will be in slow motion if the load is over 200 for more than a second to help counter crashes
  • Host Controls and Menu now added
    • Various controls for the host player have now been implemented:
      1. Kill Player
      2. Teleport Player
      3. Teleport to Player
      4. Give Money to Player
      5. End Game
  • Emeralds System now added
    • (Details in main post!)
  • Teleport to City now added
  • Version Name HUD now added
  • Mode Name HUD now added
  • Credits HUD now added
  • Workshop.Elohell Redirect Link HUD now added
  • New FREE Random Hero shop
  • New FREE Downgrade Movespeed shop
  • Four New Events now added
    • Low Gravity - All players are now floaty and can jump super high
    • City Unguarded - The City walls are disabled momentarily and no one is safe anymore
    • Allsight - Everyone can see everyone for a while
    • Bank Bag - A bank bag that spawns which, if caught, will permanently increase your bank interest rate on a random amount

What's Improved?

  • Increased starting gold
  • Increased prices of the Damage Effects to scale with the new starting gold
  • Blood Crystal now damages slightly less and gives slightly more gold
  • Gold Mine now gives slightly better gold
  • Gold Mine now has a new effect
  • Updated half of the HUD texts for better clarity
  • Updated shop colors
  • Updated shop text colors
  • Updated quest giver colors
  • Updated quest giver effects
  • Updated some HUD placements
  • Added hero icons of the player who 'owns' certain things from certain events

What's Removed?

  • Removed 4 other maps
  • Removed 'Damage Effect: None' HUD
  • Removed Diamonds system, in place of the Emeralds system
  • Removed some extra effects for stability

(... and probably more I'm missing because I wrote this at 2 am on a Wednesday night)


Deluxe Edition (Server Stability Update)


  • Added a new Server Uptime HUD and Server Performance HUD (the latter being toggable by pressing the Crouch key)
  • Added a new objective: get 200 kills for victory status! (Adopted from BattleMercy's RPG Quests 12.2.3 version)
  • Added a new Anti-Crash System to prevent server from crashing on any heavy load at any times


  • Modified stat upgrade values in the shop for faster gameplay
  • Added labels for how to use the bank more quickly and efficiently
  • Reworded some more texts in the HUD and messages
  • Fixed a bug for when D.VA is teleporting via the Random Teleport Orb (Adopted from BattleMercy's RPG Quests 12.2.3 version)
  • Debuffed Sigma for when his ult is used for a better balanced match (Adopted from BattleMercy's RPG Quests 12.2.3 version)
  • Increased the delayed start time of the Gold Mine Buff event (from 5 seconds to 15 seconds)


  • (None)

Deluxe Edition (Minor Aesthetics Update)


  • Added new locator icons for each point of interest


  • Decreased "Hero Shop" cost (Now 1000 gold from 2500 gold)
  • Reworded some more texts in the HUD and messages
  • Updated some shop colors and particle effects
  • Increased radius of the gold mine by 1


  • (None)

Deluxe Edition (Initial Version)


  • New "Random Hero" shop
  • New "Downgrade Movespeed" shop
  • New "Hero" shop
  • New EXTRAS section in the city
  • New shop particle effects
  • New max speed cap


  • Increased earning rate at the gold mine
  • Increased earning rates of the Gold Mine Buff Event
  • Increased the starting gold when joining
  • Some reworded texts in the HUD and messages


  • Removed the "Abilities" section and its shops in the city for stability
  • Removed some unnecessary text.
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