Doomfist Boxing!


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Ladies and gentlemen! Get ready to rumble with Doomfist Boxing! The all new Overwatch custom gamemode developed by yours truly!

How does it work?
Ten Doomfists go in, but only one comes out! All ten players spawn in a boxing ring surrounded by ropes and four corners, the objective is simple: knock as many opponents up and over the ropes as possible! If a player collides with a rope they will be knocked back into the ring, the amount of knockback the ropes do increases as the gamemode goes on. First player to fifty knockouts or the one with the most knockouts after the fifteen minute mark is declared the winner!

The game takes place on Workshop Island, a modified version specifically designed to be the ultimate pummeling playground!

How do I start?
Starting the gamemode is easy! Simply import the code and start the game, the game can be played with anywhere from two to twelve players and new people joining will be thrown right into the action!

Categories | Free for all
Heroes | Doomfist
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.1


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Nice mode. Turn off effects on hero (not effect) in workshop abilities, or something, and set skills to 100%, for nice teach mode

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