Classic Ana Paintball

I made this mode because I wasn't a fan of the other Ana Paintball modes made using the workshop and prefer the classic Ana Paintball settings.

To summarise the rules of the lobby:

  • 20 second wait time for hero select (allows people to take a short break between games)
  • First to 50 kills
  • Instant Respawn
  • No Health Packs
  • Game will automatically restart after completion

Hero-Specific Rules:

  • Minimum Health
  • Maximum Damage
  • No Biotic Grenade
  • 3s Sleep Dart Cooldown
  • Nano-boost enabled but has no effect (use it for style points!)

The mode does not use any workshop rules. Purely custom game rules to keep the classic Ana Paintball setting. Sharing the code here is to make it easier for other users to find the code to the classic Ana Paintball settings and have them more readily available.

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