Hanzo Fly & Freeze


You're Hanzo and you've taken flight! Fly around and shoot your arrows to freeze other players in the air!
Use teleporters to deceive other players and escape your certain death!

You need to avoid the floor of death at your feet! If you fall, you bounce back up into the air and take -100HP.

But you will receive 100HP when an enemy is slain!

Hero Stats

  • 750 Hero Health
  • 8 Storm Arrows at an increased cooldown
  • Large lunge at decreased cooldown
Heroes | Hanzo
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.1


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Update Log (3)

1.0.1 Update [23/02/21]
-Red trampoline shere visual removed.

Players could use crouch to get under the sphere without dying. The ground now acts as the trampoline with the same intended effects: Bounce and damage apon touching the ground.

-Quick Melee removed [22/02/21]
-Quick melee was becoming too exploitable creating a freeze chain

Initial release [22/02/21]

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