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Energy Force (Counter-Strike Clone)
There's two teams: "Keepers" and "Claws".
• ------------------------------------- •
• Keeper's task is eliminate all Claws or disable HackDevice if it has been placed.
• Claw's task is eliminate all Keepers or successfully complete the hacking on the point.
• ------------------------------------- •
• You can buy weapons (heroes) or armor by spending E.P (Energy.Points) at spawn.
• You can earn E.P from round winning, eliminations and assists, also if you'll save your armor at round end - it'll convert into E.P.
• Max rounds is 6.
• ------------------ Controls ------------------- •
• Look at weapon's effect that you want to buy and press your Interact key ([F] default bind) to buy it.
• To place HackDevice: stay at "A" or "B" point and hold your Ultimate key ([Q] default bind).
• To disable HackDevice: come close to placed HackDevice, look at it and hold your Ultimate key ([Q] default bind).
• ------------------ Workshop Settings ------------------- •
• Hack Time (Seconds) : [30] default.
• Round Time (Seconds) : [120] default.
• Shop Close Time (Seconds) : [100] default.
• Start E.P (Energy.Points) : [600] default.
• Infinite E.P (Energy.Points)
• One Shot - One Kill
• Reduced Gravity
• ------------------------------------- •
I hope you'll like it, have fun! :)

Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Ashe, Cassidy, Mei, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, and 2 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1

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