Runaway Zombie Car (6 Player)


A fun, casual game mode where you must prevent a car full of zombies from reaching the end of the map.

aka. Zombie Piñata, Every time you kill a zombie a new one will get out of the car; Kill all of the zombies inside the car before it reaches the end of the map to win the game.


  1. Add 5 Hard AI Roadhogs to Team 2, extra Zombies will be added after the game starts.


This is the 6 player version. 4 player version available here: https://workshop.codes/BJS9S

The most stable settings are 5 Hard AI Roadhogs + 5 Zombie Bots = 10 Zombies in Total. More Zombies can be added in the workshop settings but more than 10 Zombies might crash the game.

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Categories | Survival, PvE
Tags | zombie zombies
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 3.1.0


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Update Log (4)

  • Increased Number of Hard AI Roadhogs to 5 - less chance of server crashes
  • Optimized Zombie Bot AI - less chance of server crashes
  • Set Normal as default difficulty
  • Added more zombie bots (up to 14) - Most stable is 6 Zombie Bots + 4 Hard AI Roadhogs
  • Added difficulty settings - Changes damage taken so you don't die instantly.
  • Added Workshop Settings Menu to change Difficulty & Number of Zombies
  • Updated the Zombie AI to be a lot smarter (Thanks to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGb8RNtOULg)
  • Zombies are now called Zombies
  • Game auto starts when there are more than 4 players
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