Tower defense by system3#1333

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Instructions on how to place, upgrade and sell towers on the gamemode's HUD.

  • Moira tower: attacks enemies in a straight line, upgrade to regularly shoot damaging biotic orbs.
  • Soldier76 tower: shoots in a straight line, upgrade to shoot helix rockets.
  • Mccree tower: shoots in a straight line, upgrade to fan the hammer.
  • Pharah tower: stays on the air shooting rockets at the player's position, upgrade to always use rocket barrage.
  • Mercy tower: damage boosts the tower in front of it, upgrade to use ultimate and boost all nearby towers.
  • Mei tower: spins slowing down all nearby enemies, upgrade to periodically freeze all close enemies.
  • Reinhardt tower: spins dealing damage to all nearby enemies, upgrade to set them on fire dealing extra damage.
  • Sigma tower: periodically uses ultimate on the ground, upgrade to make enemies on the ultimate's radius periodically be sent backwards.
  • Bastion tower: always in sentry mode, shoots at the position the player is facing, upgrade to switch into tank configuration.

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