Outlaws vs. Zombies | A Simple PvP Zombie Mode

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This is a pvp zombie survival gamemode.

The world collapses as the zombies broke through their containment chambers. You must cooperate with other outlaws to survive.

Gameplay: Play as Ashe, Mccree or Moira to organize your efforts to survive from zombies controlled by other fallen players.

As Outlaws:

Your main goal is to survive until the end of the match! Killing zombies can make your life easier and rewarding because your alternate win condition is killing 20 zombies on your own. Group up with other players to form a strong defense to increase your chance of survival.

Each zombie died fills outlaws' Invis meter. When it reaches 8, any outlaws can press Q to let all outlaws players become invisible for 8 seconds! Also, Moira can heal her fellow outlaws using mouse2 attack.

As Zombies:

These creatures from the laboratory are easy to shoot, but they always come back because of their fascinating regeneration power.

Hog is the alpha zombie which has a high health pool and can hook an outlaw player and kill them with two melee shots (3 if you do not use hook). Hog also acts as a distraction to protect Reapers so that they can flank Outlaws with their highly dangerous melee attack.

Reapers are the fallen players killed by Hog. Your job is to spread the infection through your melee attack. However, you are very fragile so try to use Hog as a distraction and approach your targets as fast as possible.


You can start the game at any player amount but 6+ players are better.

Please do not alter the codes of the gamemode.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Survival
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