Overwatch custom hero rework

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New Features: 5 Brand new classes of playstyle
Damage-Large output of damge in a matter of seconds
Support- Decent damage along with heals and affects to keep their allies along with themselves in check
Tank-Front of the Defense prvoiding proctection for allies and being their shield
Flank-A class made for getting around while dealing tons of dps to change the state of the game
Hybrid- A class that can play both agressive and passive with ease and no worry

Difficulty, Hero names, Reworked move set, Title cards

Fixed some bugs that have been happening Reinhart has been removed and now intorducing the first ever tank along with the first new gen of characthers to chose from some featuring 3 abilities.

Tank Heros
(The Reconstructer) a tank providing various shield and health to allies

Passive 1 Bubble transfer Primary fire- Firing you weapon now shoots bubbles that heal yourself dealing moderate damage

Ability 1 Seismic push (Melee)- Sacrifise your health in exchange to give temporary armor and freeze enemies for 2 seconds

Ability 2 Dome of sanctum (Ability 2) activating your portal will create a field around you provided shield to you and allies. If you decide to place your telepoerter this dome will also damage enemies as long as it is out lasting for 7 seconds

Abiltiy 3 Renown (Crouch) - remove your health to heal all allies globaly with cooldown of 15 seconds

Ultimate Gravity field- Create a huge dome lowering all gravity for you and all allies for 10 seconds

Support Heros

- (The soilder from above) a support granting wide affects of heals and boost while staying in military tactits

Passive Primary/melee no where to hide- Your weapon now tracks enemies by placing a icon over thier head. Holding the melee now performs a combat slide giving you on ground advantage.

Ability 1 Adreniline surge- Boost health, jump height, speed superiorly for 6 seocnds affecting globally

Ability 2 Tactical grab- Pull a target to you freezing them for 2 seconds

Ultimate Deadly phase- Root and banish targets in view during this you can not hit them nor can they move after a short amount of time they will take moderate damage

- (The bounty hunter) a support that knows where all enemies are no matter how hard they try

Passive Token of debt (Primary fire/ taken damage) you weapon now deal extra damage along with any damge you take will hurt the attacker for a small amount

Ability 1 Marked for death- hitting your dart will hack all enemies for 10 seconds leaving a icon on the first person you hit if you kill the marked target it will move to a random enemy this mark last for 25 seconds

Ability 2 Bomber nade - Hitting a target with a nade will spwan a bomber grunt under them to prevent them from avoiding the nade will also freeze target for 2 seconds

Ultimate Restock- Refresh all allies abilities this affects globally

( The merger) a support that links its ai into allies giving power beyond any man or woman

Passive Advance system (primary fire)- holding your fire now locks onto enemies heads

Ability 1 Upgrade- Attach yourself onto someone giving increased health,damge,speed,regen by a superior amount you can un merge by crouching. this last for 25 seconds

Ability 2 Locked and noticed- your first laser hit will stun for a short duration creating a mark that icreases the damage your target takes by double the amount

Ultimate Overcharge - Shut yourself down for 5 seconds then rebbot yourself giving the same affects as Upgrade

Flank class
(The Inevitable) a flank that is unstopablle with various imortality moves and unpredictible movement

Passive Untouchable- Your shots now do additional tick damage and hack enemies for a short time

Ability 1 Another fate - Dash ahead in time teleporting behind the farthest person of the map grantin you invicibiity for 3 seconds

Ability 2 Reversal - Hitting a deflect will pull your target towards you then you will swing your blade dealing massive damage

Ultimate The End?- Enemies in view will aim and move slower while your damage and speed is icreased greatly during this you are invincible for 10 seconds

(The trickster) a flank that can stop enemies in track while leaving out unharmed

Passive Stay right there- getting a final blow will root enemies around you for 3 seconds

Ability 1 Anywhere but here- create a beacon that increases your speed for ten seconds after the time is up you will teleport back to your beacon healing half of your health

Ability 2 Deep root - hitting your bang now roots targets in place if your target has allies nearby they will also be affected

Ultimate Hard to get- fake your death for 5 seconds after revive youself increasing speed damage and damage reduction permanetly until you die

( The hot head) a flank that knows his way around the block dealing a expolosive good time

Passive Leap- holding crouch launhes you triple the height of a jump

Ability 1 - pull a target towards you raining a bunch of death bombs under them lauching yourself up out of danger

Ability 2- As long as your trap is out you recieve 3/4 of all damage and targets that hit you will take damage over time

Ability 3 (Interact)- mark a target for tigger after 5 seonds destroy your mark dealing massive damage to target marked and allies of the target in a small radius

Ultimate Drop massive loads of bombs under your feat as you move around

Hybrid Class

(Keeper of the sanctum) a hyrbrid with a style for all problems

Passive Switch to perfection- Gain the ability to switch between 4 modes/while in turret form you can hold secondary fire to move you can also triple jump

Ability 1 Speed determine- press melle to enter speed mode speed,jump,aim are increased superiorly while health,damage dealt is lowered damage taken slightly increased

Ability 2 Jack of all trades- Crouching puts you in hybrid mode increasing damage,speed,health,aim, less damge taken is all greatly increased

Ability 3- Activating turret will put you in Stationary mode during this health,damge, less damge taken are all superiorly increased/ Speed,aim,jump are greatly lowered

Ultimate Made to kill- All your stats are icreased making you unstoppable for 10 seconds

(The man around the world) a hybrid providing healing and damge to carry his team around

Passive Quick Glimpse- Your weapon shots not heal and increase allies speed globally/ shots you deal now do tick damage

Ability 1 Up and around- Boost yourself in the air icreasing speed and lowered gravity for 5 seconds

Ability 2 From me to you icrease speed damage and health globally to all allies for 5 seconds

Ultimate Paradox- Freeze time for 2 seonconds granting all alies the ability to move freely while enemies are frozen

(The Ascended) a hybrid that learned all the elements making him beyond his opponents

Passive Elemental shift- your shots now root, burn and hack targets (ammo is now 5)

Ability 1 Death mark- throwing out your mark now allows you to apply poison to enemies this does stack and as long if your mark is out you can poison anyone

Ability 2 Trade off- placing a healing mark on a ally will provid speed and damge reduction this will only work if you have a death mark out

Ultimate Over the gods- Holding your ult down the next shot you hit will punish your target giving them a series of affects for 6 seocnds after time is up deal massive damage to them

Damage Class

(The cold fist) a damge made to destroy target in a blink of a eye just from a punch

Passive Blood ritual- Pressing melee gives yourself damage and damage reduction in exchange for health

Ability 1 Over the sun- Hitting a uppercut raises target high into the air dealing huge damge while setting them on fire

Ability 2 Paralyses- hitting a slam roots target giving you aclear view to hit them if your fist is availible it will charge up automaticly doing extra knockback and damage if not no additional attack will be done

Ultimate Into the sun- Lauch targets into the air dealing moderate damage this affcets globally

(Menoto Switch) a dmage that can change size making them a intresting target

Passive Burn to the core- your ice thrower now is a flame thrower dealing fire and tick damage/Melee to convert into original size

Ability 1 Down and under- Shrink yourself down making it harder to hit you during this speed,jump,aim is greatly increased while damage,health is decreased moderatly and damage taken is increased greatly

Ability 2 Big change- Grow yourself in size dealing massive damage huge increase in health and damage reduction but you move, aim, jump slow by a graet amount

Minimum Effort big change- grow targets in view increasing the damage they take by triple the amount

(The toxic Assasian) a damge that deals various posions and tick

Passive Weak spot- Holding secondary and primary for a second will build up death mark after 5 seconds you will then have triple damge for 10 seconds killing almost anything in exchange activating this will take damage

Ability 1 Danger zone- create a black toxic cloud after hittin your first two storm arrows killing target and nearby allies of the target for 7 seconds

Ultimate Deadly toxin- remove a chunck of health from targets in your view while dealing posion damage during this you are invisbile for 7 seocnds

In case you forget moves you can voice line in game to see them all some people will not have them this includes gen 2 people they wil after they are all out

if you guys have any suggestions or question feel free to ask

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