Giant vs Ants


Giant vs Ants

Giant vs Ants is a mode where 1 Giant fights 11 Ants. This mode has a rather basic premise, with the default values requiring just 1 kill on the Giant for the Ants, and 100 kills on Ants for the Giant.
• The Giant is super powerful by comparison and has a large health pool. This health pool is nearly impossible to raise back to a higher value after health is removed.
• The Ants are super weak by comparison, and can slowly widdle away at the Giant's health.

• Both sides can use their Interact button for a special ability which can help achieve their goal.

  • Giant: Enrage, dealing up to x2 more damage, gaining increased move speed, and removing collision with walls for a brief time.
  • Ant: Survival, gain 100 armor, and increased move speed and jump height for a short time.

• Both sides also have a secondary ability:

  • Giant: Holding Reload, will mark a player as an Obsession.
    • Obsession will be the victim of 3 different effects, depending on whether the Giant is a Tank, Damage, or Support.
      • Tank, the Obsession receives 60% less healing.
      • Damage, the Obsession gives you 5% ultimate generation, each time they die, and another 5% if you were the cause.
      • Support, the Obsession receives 65% more damage.
  • Ant: Pressing Melee, will attempt to mount the Giant. - Mounting the Giant sets a randomized Grip value, and you can only stay mounted while your Grip value remains above 0. - The Giant can shake you off by jumping or crouching, causing damage, and reducing Grip. - If the Giant Enrages while you are mounted, you will ignite in flames and your Grip will fail you.

• Automatic team balancing with support for 1v1 - although the Ant probably won't die enough by comparison.
• Fully customizible Giant Settings, with potential support for removing custom added abilities.
• Customizible Ant Settings, with support for removing custom mechanics, and modifying said mechanics.

Thanks for playing this mode, if you have any feedback please post it on my Discord Server, and more features are to come!

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Update Log (8)

[Changes - 11/05/20]

  • Fixed a bug where manually swapping a player from Ant to Giant would cause them to inflict and take zero damage.
  • When the timer expires, and the Giant has enraged; the giant will take 8 damage per second, was 5 per second.
  • [Ants] Base damage increased from 20% to 22%.
  • [Ant] Ashe now does 23% damage, was 22%.
  • [Ant] Ashe [Dynamite] now has a 225% cooldown, was 300%.
  • [Ant] Bastion now does 20% damage, was 22%.
  • [Ant] Brigitte now does 38% damage, was 35%.
  • [Ant] Doomfist now does 40% damage, was 35%.
  • [Ant] Junkrat now does 38% damage, was 50%.
  • [Ant] Reinhardt now does 36% damage, was 35%.
  • [Giant] Baptiste [Explosive Grenade] now deals 20 damage, was 25.
  • [Giant] McCree now has a new passive ability: [Wild West], dealing damage (must be at least 1 hp worth) now has a chance to apply a bleed to the target, or apply a random negative status effect. This has a short internal CD of 250ms.
  • [Giant] Replaced Mercy [Sprint] with [Consume Energies]. [Consume Energies] will drain life from nearby foes after a few seconds, restoring a portion of health equal to the health of each nearby target, and dealing damage over time.
  • [Giant] Sombra [Translocator] and [Stealth] now have a 77% cooldown, was 100%.
  • [Giant] Widowmaker movement speed increased to 82%, was 77%.
  • [Giant] Zenyatta deals 30% healing, was 70%.
  • [Giant] Zenyatta [Burst of Discord] now does 20 damage per orb, was 30.

[Changes - 09/19/20]

  • Added a new HUD visible to spectators to display version information.
  • [Ant] Ashe now does 22% damage, was 20%.
  • [Ant] Ashe [B.O.B] now lasts 80%, was 40%.
  • [Ant] Lucio now does 25% damage, was 20%.
  • [Ant] Lucio now does 107% healing, was 100%.
  • [Ant] Pharah now does 33% damage, was 35%.
  • [Ant] Roadhog [Take A Breather] now has a 250% cooldown, was 200%.
  • [Ant] Widowmaker now does 33% damage, was 30%.
  • [Giant] Bastion now does 120% damage, was 115%.
    • Now takes 88% damage, was 90%.
    • Now does 75% healing, was 77%.
  • [Giant] Junkrat [Rip-Tire] generates 5% quicker, and lasts twice as long.
  • [Giant] Orisa [Halt!] now has a 80% cooldown, was 100%.
  • [Giant] Soldier: 76 [Biotic Field] now has a 225% cooldown, was 100%.
  • [Giant] Tracer generates x3 as much ultimate charge from damage.
  • [Giant] Zenyatta now has a new bonus ability: [Burst of Discord], [Orb of Destruction (Secondary)] now builds up explosive energy, releasing AOE damage with each orb.
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