Guardian Angels by Squ1dward#1665

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Guardian Angels

In this mode when the game starts you'll randomly get the role of a regular player or a Guardian Angel. Players that get the Guardian Angel role have the option to pick Mercy or Reaper. Both of these heroes have their own unique set of abilities for this gamemode. Once the gamemode starts, regular players will spawn as normal. Players with the Guardian Angel role will be spectating one of the regular players instead of spawning normally. Using any of the normal ability buttons will apply a helpful ability to the player they're spectating. The hero choice of the player with the Guardian Angel role determines what abilities will be applied to the player being spectated.

Currently this gamemode has 2 heroes: Mercy, and Reaper. They each have unique ability sets.


Mercy's abilities are primarily defensive and have a way to increase survivability in almost every scenario, even being knocked off of the map. To make up for this she isn't very helpful offensively.

Primary Fire, Healing - The player being spectated is healed while the button is held, can't be used at the same time as Secondary Fire

Secondary Fire, Damage Boost - The player being spectated gains a 30% Damage Boost while the button is held, can't be used at the same time as Primary Fire

Ability 1, Dodge Attack - The player being spectated glows similarly to the ability shown in the Storm Rising cutscene, causing all attacks used on them to miss for 1 second, functionally the player is untargetable and won't take damage from anything during this ability even if it's not logically possible for the damage to miss, 13 second cooldown

Ability 2, Extreme Heal - The player being spectated gains a stronger heal over time that can be stacked with your Primary Fire for 3 seconds, 14 second cooldown

Jump, Fly Up - The player being spectated is bounced upwards, 16 second cooldown

Ultimate, Resurrect - Resurrect the player being spectated, requires 100% Ultimate Charge


Reaper's abilities are primarily offensive and make killing a lot easier. He works especially well in close range fights, but can contribute to long range fights as well. He has no healing abilities in exchange for his strong attacking power.

Primary Fire, Burning Attack - The player being spectated will apply a burning effect similar to Ashe's dynamite to players they damage while the button is held, can't be used at the same time as Secondary Fire

Secondary Fire, Limit Incoming Damage - The player being spectated can't take more than 75 damage from a single instance of damage, any additional damage will be negated while the button is held, can't be used at the same time as Primary Fire

Ability 1, Cloud Form - The player being spectated gains an effect similar to Reaper's Wraith Form for 5 seconds, this prevents the player being spectated from being damaged as well as prevents them from attacking, so it must be used carefully, 17 second cooldown

Ability 2, Damage Near - 100 damage is dealt to enemies near the spectated player not blocked by a barrier, 17 second cooldown

Jump, Avoid Enemy - The player being spectated is forced away from the closest enemy, 15 second cooldown

Ultimate, Kill - The player being spectated gains a 300% Damage Boost for 8 seconds, requires 100% Ultimate Charge

This gamemode requires at least 2 people on one team for someone to have the Guardian Angel role. Currently, Guardian Angels can't switch heroes during a round due to it causing bugs. Reaper bots can be used to fill both roles in this gamemode, however they don't use the abilities very well. Interact will fix the camera if it bugs.

Known issues:

Swapping a player's team after players have spawned will crash the lobby, this can be prevented by swapping them to spectator first then to the other team

There's an extremely rare scenario where a Guardian Angel can end up spectating another Guardian Angel

If a player with a Guardian Angel leaves the game and another player joins and becomes their Guardian Angel some abilities might activate themselves when the players are first connected

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