👀 Staring Contest



Stare into the eyes (head) of your opponent to stay alive.
Move around to mess up your opponent's stare.
Stay within the green circle.
Last person staring wins the round!
First to 10 points wins the game.

Custom Workshop Settings

There are 4 variables where you can change to customise your playing experience.

Settings Description
Allow Crouching Whether crouching is allowed
Allow Jumping Whether jumping is allowed
Movement Speed How fast the player moves. 100% is default Overwatch movement speed
Stare Angle Leniency How far your crosshair is from the enemy player before you start taking damage




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Nice work! Can you add bots? This is an amazing strafe tracking exercise! Thanks in advance.

DragonEngineer creator

Could do. Will take a while tho, because school. Thanks for the feedback.


Thx so much!

Update Log (7)

New maps

  • Oasis City Centre
  • Oasis Gardens
  • Oasis University

Removed maps

  • Workshop Chamber
  • Workshop Island
  • Workshop Expanse

The Workshop maps were removed as they felt bland and boring for Staring Contest, which are supposed to take place in a beautiful setting. To compensate, I have added 3 Oasis maps to the pool. The remaining Control maps will come eventually.

General changes

  • Player health are set to exactly 200 via workshop script instead of custom games settings. (Previous Roadhog only had 198 health).
  • Game now starts when all slots are filled, instead of manually.

General update

  • Removed Genji from the playable hero pool

    Genji head shifts way too much when doing AD spam, which is way too overpowered. It's also the reason why Tracer, Lucio, and Baby Dva aren't in the game.

  • Out of arena ring distance check now ignores Y value.

    This change is specifically to deal with Horizon Lunar Colony where you can jump higher in the arena that is in the space walk, previously you can jump and accidentally cause yourself to take damage for being too far from the centre.

  • Added workshop settings for stare leniency, jump allowed, crouch allowed, and move speed.

    Some custom settings to customise your playing experience.

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