👀 Staring Contest



Create an AI bot to play against
Create an AI bot to play against
Create an AI bot to play against
Create an AI bot to play against
Create an AI bot to play against


Stare into the eyes (head) of your opponent to stay alive.
Move around to mess up your opponent's stare.
Stay within the green circle.
Last person staring wins the round!
First to 10 points wins the game.

VS AI Mode

No friends to play with? You can play VS AI Mode.
Before starting the game, press [Interact] will spawn a bot.
The game will start automatically once you have spawned the bot.



There are some variables you can change to customise your playing experience!

Settings Description
Allow Crouching Whether crouching is allowed
Allow Jumping Whether jumping is allowed
Movement Speed How fast the player moves. 100 is default Overwatch movement speed
Stare Angle Leniency How far your crosshair is from the enemy player before you start taking damage
Crosshair Enabled Whether crosshair should appear, custom Health Bar will be used


VS Player



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Update Log (9)

Added Kanezaka to the map pool

VS AI Mode

  • No friends to play with? Now you can play against AI.
  • Press [Interact] before starting a game to spawn a bot.
  • The game will automatically start once the bot has spawned.

New custom workshop settings

  • Crosshair enabled: Whether should crosshair appear on screen.
  • Want some extra challenge? Turning crosshair off makes the game much harder!
  • Because your health bar will not be visible, a custom one will show up instead.


General changes

  • Most maps now have more than 5 arenas.
  • Moved some of the arenas to new locations.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.

New maps

  • Oasis City Centre
  • Oasis Gardens
  • Oasis University

Removed maps

  • Workshop Chamber
  • Workshop Island
  • Workshop Expanse

The Workshop maps were removed as they felt bland and boring for Staring Contest, which are supposed to take place in a beautiful setting. To compensate, I have added 3 Oasis maps to the pool. The remaining Control maps will come eventually.

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