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Last updated on Nov 29th 2023:

Original by Alex Houk and Koenig, modded by Bouncybear99 and NotFleta, some fixes and active support by Felicity will be ongoing, but this is now using a version updated by Bouncybear99 and NotFleta! This one is being actively played on the game browser, so I figured I would upload it here in case people were browsing and interested!

The Eternal Arena (v3.1, now the really-actually-official branch) is a wave-based PvE roguelite custom mode where several people, or by oneself, go through as many waves as possible before either wiping, or facing the final boss: Blizzard's servers crashing.

Every wave you increase stats like health, damage, cooldown reduction, and a separate critical hit system, and every few waves you also get a perk with a variety of ways to build every hero.

A lot is fun to learn and find synergy between heroes, perks, and different stats, and making builds in various roles. Supports can be built like DPS and DPS can be built like tanks, or more! (cold take: dps are useless in modes like this since every hero can spec into dps in some way)

If you want to see some of the abilities, there is a wiki available by Marv: TEAv3 wiki

3.1 Patch Notes

Nov 29 - One of the biggest bugs (bosses despawning!) has now been fixed.

Players | 1 - 6
Categories: Survival, PvE
Tags: pve roguelike
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 34 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: v3.1


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