Tracer's Pirateship

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A 6v6 elimination involving Tracer. Each team will have their ship, and must eliminate the enemy team by launching their projectiles.

Pulse Bomb

Press Q or click the Left Mouse Button to launch your pulse bomb. It has a three second cooldown. You must stick the enemy to kill them.

The Ship

The "ship" is a specified play area for each team. You cannot leave the ship, if you attempt to your abilities will be disabled for a short period of time and you will be teleported back. Falling into the water also counts as leaving.

Sudden Death

When enemies are revealed, Sudden Death will occur in 30 seconds.

While active, explosions will now kill you and you are able to board the enemy ship. The light shaft indicates the building/location you use to get across.

Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Tracer
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Current version: 1.4.0

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