Catch The Flames


While this gamemode was made for the Elo Hell Workshop Jam, it has been slightly edited from it's original version, namely using Update Every Frame when holding the balls for a smoother experience and adding actual instructions.


You know those videos where jugglers light sticks on fire and then juggle them? This is like that, but the entire stick is on fire and it's also a ball.

Find a burning hamster ball on the ground (though they usually tend to congregate in one location), pick it up with either of your hands, and quickly throw it before you get burned to death. Hitting an enemy with a ball guarantees an instakill.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, a ball may get hit by another ball, which kills both balls.
  • Sometimes, a player may stay burning even after letting go of the ball.
  • Floating balls
  • And many more I probably don't know about

Planned Features

  • Fix all the bugs
  • Fix ball spawns
    • Balls currently tend to spawn near the edge of the map, due to the algorithm I used. This can be easily fixed by using the Spawn Points value, introduced in the new update.
  • Make the balls bounce
    • Currently, the balls will start rolling immediately upon hitting the ground, which isn't quite realistic, considering they're supposed to be... cotton? idk
Categories: Free for all, Minigames
Heroes: Moira
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Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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