1 vs 10. No escape. Completely boxed in.

Mercy player must kill their opponents until they stop coming for them

Team 1 players must find and kill mercy ONCE.

Mercy can crouch and not act for a few seconds to go invisible (Until they move or take an action such as firing)
Mercy can melee to stun opponents for an easy headshot
Mercy's gun has a slower fire rate than usual
Mercy can see enemies through walls
Mercy is downed upon reaching 1 HP, and must be finished off with an aditional shot/melee
If Mercy is downed but not finished, they will recover after a delay

Widowmaker is able to ult for a short duration
Widowmaker can only fire while scoped

Every character has less ammo than usual

No hud. Focus. Find. Evade. KILL.

Players | 2 - 11
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Tags: tdm 1v10 boxed in
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