Infinite stair (with real elevator and more special ability)


Original author: 흐야야 유튜브
Upgrade by: Euphoria

The REAL elevator!
Every elevator ticket can automatic climbing 300 floors, which just cost 20000!
Tickets can be stacked but cannot exceed the highest score.

Better stamina UI.
BANK: Allows you to exchange gems for money

Heroes with special abilities:
Mercy: One extra chance if you fall down the stairs.

Categories | Minigames
Heroes | All
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 0.9.4


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Update Log (5)

version 0.9,4

  1. Fixed the disappearance of stairs. However, if there are more than 9 players in the room, the problem may happen again.
  2. Add Gem dealer.
  3. Fixed some other minor issues.

version 0.9.3

  1. Add bank that allows you to exchange gems for money.
  2. Add buy random heros option.
  3. Modified some instructions.
  4. Fix some facing direction problem.

version 0.9.2

  1. New stamina interface, cleaner and simpler
  2. Fixed some display errors
  3. Optimized part of the code
  4. Change Reinhardt and D.va advertising content and display method

version 0.9.1

  1. Fix stairs disappear at 899 floor
  2. Add reset option for player get stuck or glitched
  3. Modified elevator ticket display method (# of ticket => # of stairs)
  4. Modified the volume of stairs when use elevator
  5. Increased the speed of elevator
  6. Modified Reinhardt and D.va advertising display method
  7. Now you can train stamina by hold interact key instead of continuous click
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