Junkertown Co-op RPG by PumaPants#11847

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Junkertown Co-op RPG

Based on the RPG PVP game modes floating around except this time it is a Co-Op RPG where you get stronk and then fight a tough boss to win the game. You fight NPC AI bots who increase in difficulty from level 1 up to level 10 and are worth more "money" each time they level up.

Work as a team, buy upgrades and abilities in spawn, and then fight the "dragon". You can even play on your own if you feel like it, but it's more fun with others of course.
Upgrade your: Damage, Life, Speed, Healing and unlock extras like life steal and projectile speed. Upgrade your money / time, and TEAM-based money on kill upgrade. Enemies scale their HP to the number of players on the "Heroes" team.


PvP RPG game modes lack a sense of purpose - they are just getting strong for no reason and the newly joined players / less upgraded players are at a disadvantage. Having a single goal that cannot be completed until you actually get strong feels more complete.

Setup (Please read first)

  • Move yourself to the Red team - this is the Heroes team as they start at the "attacker's spawn".
  • Add (Hard) AI to the blue team only and make sure there's a Roadhog in there
  • Start the game.

ALL AI bots have their own spawn positions on the map (Eg. Zenyatta's camp is in left house just outside spawn), so as long as there is 1 Roadhog and ALL unique other bots, the game mode will work. Don't add 5 Anas and 1 Roadhog - they will all just spawn in the same location.


  • You have 25 minutes to defeat the Roadhog boss who spawns at the end of the map (on Junker Queen's throne)
  • Use the circles in the hero spawn to buy upgrades and unlock abilities. Use the "interact" button to upgrade, or hold it down for rapid upgrades.
  • Kill minions at various camps around the map. Money earned for each kill is given to everyone on your team.
  • Repeat until you feel you can take on the Roadhog


  • Use "death by cop" to get back to spawn as there is no penalty for dying apart from the usual respawn time.
  • Combine abilities to do more
  • Don't try booping/Rein-charging the Roadhog off the map - he will just teleport back to his camp
  • Don't agro a minion unless you are sure you'll kill them (especially Zenyatta) or they will run around the map killing everyone - it's easier to eliminate them during the time they are standing up, and together as a team
  • Players joining the game late can easily catch up once someone gets a kill on a harder minion as they will earn a chunk of money which can be used to upgrade
  • Roadhog will start moving around once his HP has dropped below 90% - this is to prevent cheap sniper shots from a distance. Once his HP goes back above 95%, he will automatically reset back to his camp.

Happy monster hunting.

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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
Maps: Junkertown
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Current version: 1.0.0

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