Super Smash Hanzo

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Welcome to Super Smash Hanzo. You have one goal. Be the last Hanzo standing on Workshop Island. Use your arrows to knock enemies over the ledge.

  • Round based game that ends when 1 player remains alive
  • Points are only awarded to the last man standing

  • Holding primary fire longer will increase the amount of knockback in your arrow.

  • The amount of vertical pop your arrow has depends on the victims remaining health (lower health = more pop)

  • Headshots do a lot of knockback and a lot of damage.

  • Use you agility to get back into the ring!

    • Sonic arrow is now Dash. Preform a genji like dash through the air. (15 second cooldown)
    • Storm arrows is now Leap. Preform a grand leap in the vertical direction to stay on the island. (12 second cooldown)
  • Turnbuckles are posted at the corners of the island. They can be useful to dunk your opponents to the floor or can be used to your advantage to stay on the island.

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Hanzo
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Current version: 1.1



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