My Custom Heroes by GareBare#11373

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BOLT: https://youtu.be/21Puq7dEMXE

Primary: It does more damage the closer you are to your target. It does 3% anti-heal each hit for 2 secs and it stacks. Max anti-heal 50%. 2nd: It does more healing the closer you are to your ally. Does splash healing of 20 (hit the ground to self heal) Ability 1: A melee punch that does knock back. Ability 2: Hook an ally for 4 secs. If the ally presses interact within 4 secs, they will be brought to you. They will also gain 100 health. Ult: You're rooted. You heal and damage around you. You can't be damaged. You can be booped. Interact=reload

HITSCAN reviewed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZcyrZeMUx8&t=452s

BLAZE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1-O0oYJov4&t=12s

Primary: Burns. 2nd: Normal. Ability 1: 4 charges of vertical boasts. Ability 2: It slows down enemies by 40%. Ult: Go up in the air with 0g and damage your enemies with a laser. You can't be damaged. Passive: Enemies that you killed will burn and hurt others.

ASH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1LGqg8ySZA

Kinetic Burst (Secondary Fire): An automatic charge-up shot dealing 120 damage. Shoulder Bash (Ability 1): After a short delay, launch forward, dealing 60 damage plus knockback. Ult (Assert Dominance) Place a beacon which grants 50% damage resistance to you and your teammates within a 15m radius. (Primary fire; Ability 2 haven't changed much)

Illuminate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmJi3Aw-1_I

Lightspeed Hook (Secondary Fire): Grapple to a location, cloaking you for 1.5 sec. Fiber Optic Link (Ability 1): Form a healing link with up to 2 teammates. Linking with 1 or 2 teammates will also heal yourself. Quantum Stealth (Ability 2): Distort a teammate's appearance to mere sparkles that last for 5 secs. Ult (Amaurosis): Upon hitting the ground, emit a blinding light to enemies. (Primary Fire hasn't changed much)

FUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qrxMhFhCkY

Primary fire shoots an orb. Swap (Secondary Fire): Swap between offense/defense mode, with a 2 sec CD. Absorb/Detonate (Ability 1): Absorb will nullify 35% of incoming damage. Detonate puts a time bomb on you, speeding you up. Guard/Displode (Ability 2): Project Absorb/Detonate onto a teammate. Ult (Combust) Strap on a damage/radius boosted time bomb, 4 sec fuse.

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