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One more attempt to make an unusual parkour, this time more attention was paid to the classic genji mechanics

Now the mode is essentially a kind of Skill test

About mode

You still need to break the spheres during parkour using shooting or hero abilities
But now at each level there will be spheres that will cause certain effects such as disabling / enabling dash, changing the hero, or resetting all CDs


A sphere with a widow icon will turn a genji into a widow after destruction

A sphere with a dash icon will disable / enable the ability

A sphere with a wall mei icon will reset all CD including wall climb and 2 jump


restart crouch+2ability+interaction

spectator hold 1s interaction (works incorrectly when changing hero)

observer spectator replacement crouch+interaction+2 shooting buttons (exit the observer hold the keys 2 s)

freemode melee+reload skip level

Categories: Parkour
Heroes: Genji
Maps: Havana
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