2D duel arena


2D Duel arena


Just simple game mode where it puts 2 or 4 players to duel each other in the 2D environment.

I just put this together so there can be bugs or maybe balance is bad. I am trying to test this mode a lot and update it when I find bugs. If you find something that you want to be changed or fixed, please comment it.

How it works

if there are 3 or 2 players, winner gets point and stays in game and the one who lost need to wait next duel to end.

If there are 4 or more players, the game puts the winners against each other and losers against each other. You can only get point if you are fighting against a winner. This way this mode stays fast and fair. And also draw will always mean that both players lose.

Code Snippet

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Categories | 1vs1
Tags | duel 2d arena
Heroes | Genji, Hanzo, Mei, Mercy
Maps | Nepal
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.2.2


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I also have a code for a version of this with no knock back so i could add more heroes without it being broken as I cannot do code well and a bunch of heroes and balanced I valences this by testing heroes and listening to feedback when I made the version go live hopefully you could have inspiration on how to balance with this code for the version: 8J5XT

Mikapo creator

okay, your version is good. But there is one thing that I did not personally like. I want that speed of projectiles is slow because then you can dodge some of them. Everything else is good and I definitely use this version as inspiration.


No problem! I just made them fast to fit the fast paced gameplay I wanted to have

Mikapo creator

thank you so much. I will watch how you did balance it. If I use your balance I will give credit to you of course. how did the knockback make some heroes broken?


For example as Hammond you can shoot and they will bounce of the bullets into the next one and many heroes can not escape and with Moria they can't do much as she keeps attacking maybe if you have some heroes have knock back or others don't or change the amount


I have made a version of this with other characters it is really fun but unbalanced

Mikapo creator

I am working on adding other characters to this game too. I try to make it balanced as possible but it's hard xd


Possibly another bug is that a person falling off does not count as a kill to another player so a dying player can sabotage another players win

Mikapo creator

Could you explain how did you manage to make this bug happen? From my testing, It gives points to people who did not die.


Another thing could you explain how to get to the second stage?

Mikapo creator

this gamemode only uses the second stage when there are 4 or more players on the game. I only added it to make the waiting time for people smaller. It will put winners of the first stage to second stage.


Could do like input = special move double input = another move or dash input = another special move ect.

Mikapo creator

Good idea. I will think about this.


This game has a few bugs for example you can use your genji ultimate before the countdown and start with a genji ult and spectating stage/tier 2 is very buggy you can damage people while spectating with dash and looking around while spectating keeps resetting to the center other than that this is a great gamemode and can become a very popular overwatch fighter if you improve genji like add more options with interact or items ect or add more heroes or stages/ tiers. This game mode just needs more customisation or options to be amazing

Mikapo creator

Thank you for your comment. I will fix these tomorrow. :3

Update Log (7)

  • New playable heroes:
    • Mercy
  • Game will now wait that ult ends before starting next round
  • fixed mei primary attack
  • Changed a lot how hud works
  • Added way to change heroes while spectating
  • Added way to leave queue for changing heroes or afking

  • New Playable heroes:

    • Mei
    • Hanzo

Note: Because I changed hud a lot, there can be new bugs about related to hud. Hopefully not. xd
And also Mei and Hanzo are not balanced yet. This is just update to hud for now.

  • Fixed bug where player could damage each other with swift strike while in spectator mode.
  • Fixed bug where view did always center in spectator mode.
  • Fixed bug which make impossible to view second arena in spectator mode.
  • Fixed bug which alloved you to ult before duel starts.
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