Mercy boxing competitive simulator better version with a pic

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Hello everybody here is my new game mode it is a mercy boxing competitive simulator with improved version

Let me explain how the game mode works.

It works like this you will get into the game and the players names will be on the screen It will show SR are you will 1st start off with 0.

If you get a elim you will get 350 sr
If you get a rez you will get 180 sr
If you die you will lose 195 sr

And that's pretty much how works.

Now depending on your rank you will glow a certain color.

Bronze is green and SR must be greater than 0 through 1499.

Silver is torquoise and it is 1500 through 1999.

Gold is red and it is 2000 through 2499.

Plat is white and it is 2500 through 2999.

Diamond is blue and it is 3000 through 3499.

Masters is Orange and it is 3500 through 3999.

Grandmaster is yellow and it is 4000 through 4499.

And last is top highest players Is purple and is through 4500 and up.

Added a leader board for most elims MVP and most resurrections and highest rank player.

Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Mercy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.5.2

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