So the idea of this mode was just to give every hero a more powerful custom-made ultimate ability. A lot of the ultimates I've done are basically more powerful versions of their regular ultimates, but some are also completely different. Some of them are also kinda silly as the mode is primarily just meant for casual fun. I haven't got around to making an ultimate for every character, but most of them are done although I'll probably make some reworks/additions to some of them as some are clearly more/less interesting or powerful than others.

A few notes/caveats:

  • Some ultimates might not work with more than one hero per team using them simultaneously so hero limit recommended. Might fix this in the future.
  • Currently supports only up to 8 players as I'm using a bunch of extensions which require you to either reduce player count or only play in the empty workshop maps. Could make a 10 player version in the future, but I'd have to replace some of the visual effects with the default ones. 12 players is less feasible as some of the ultimates require the extra dummy bots extension to function properly.
  • Generally still kind of a work in progress so some bugs and balance issues are to be expected. I haven't actually tested this mode with any real players recently so balancing especially might be pretty off right now lol, but I'll probably be playing some matches fairly soon and making changes accordingly. Feel free to also post feedback in the comments.

List of ultimates (you can also read the ultimate description for your current hero in-game by pressing crouch+interact):

Hero Ultimate
Nanoboosted player gains increased movement speed, increased jump speed, 0 cooldowns and passive ultimate generation for the duration of the Nanoboost.
Spawn a highly durable shield bubble that lasts for 8 seconds. Enemy players are unable to walk through the bubble and can be trapped inside or be unable to get in though some abilities may let them pass through. Press ultimate button to aim the bubble then press again to plant it.
When using Brigitte's regular ultimate, gain a massive shield with a lot of health. When shield bashing, the edges of the shield can also damage and knockback enemies. Bashing with the center of the shield will also hit enemies with her regular shield bash so it will do a bit of extra damage.
It's literally high noon. While high nooning, Cassidy turns into a ball of fire that damages and burns enemies that look upon him directly or get too close.
After spawning a new mech, you get a choice between different upgrades for your mech. Upgrades will persist for as long as you stay alive. The upgrades will only apply to D.Vas mech and not to her baby form. Use primary fire and secondary fire to move between options in the menu and jump to confirm. Each upgrade can only be obtained once.
Create additional meteor strikes at random spots near enemy players for 20 seconds after starting the ultimate.
When duplicating, spawn 2 copies of the duplicated hero beside you that replicate all your moves. Duplicated heroes use vanilla ultimates.
While using Dragonblade, Genji cuts his enemies with such precision that they don't even notice they've been cut until he sheathes his sword. Only a single slash is enough and they are already dead. However if Genji perishes while using his ultimate, it will be so embarrassing that his cuts will lose their effect.
Ride your dragons after firing them. You can use the ultimate 3 times in a row and change direction. You pass through walls while riding the dragon. Press jump to hop off the dragon.
After using her ultimate, every enemy that was hit is teleported alongside Junker Queen into a zero gravity arena above the map. Junker Queen gains a buff for each enemy she has to face. If JQ defeats all of her enemies in the arena, she will be teleported back to the map and keep all her buffs. If she loses then the other players will be teleported and she loses the buffs. The buffs will passively decay over time outside the arena, but she can stack buffs from winning consecutively. To become as strong as possible, it's best to hit as many enemies as you can each time you use the ultimate.
Spawn and carry a timed bomb that does 800 damage in a 30 meter radius. If you die with the bomb or press the interact button the bomb will be dropped on your position. The bomb will also kill you if you are in its radius while it explodes.
Increase the amount of bonus health from Lucio's ultimate based on how high you drop the bass from.
Mei freezes time to a still. Attacks during time stop will cause damage after time resumes. Icicles will be frozen in air until the time stop ends. Enemy Meis are immune.
Regular ultimate except you also give your whole team an extra life in the beginning of it. The extra life will automatically resurrect players back to where they died.
Coalescencex100. Coalescence creates massive explosions that damage enemies and heal allies. The power is so great that it pushes her back and she can't move freely.
Press jump to jump in the direction you're aiming during Orisa's ultimate.
Fly around like a jet. Press primary fire to shoot machine gun and crouch to drop bombs. Press ability 1 to switch to top-down camera for bomb aiming. Flying too close to ground causes damage.
Disable guns, but gain extra movement speed and 350 extra damage on melee hits. Instant teleportation ability. Wraith form flies through walls.
Jump down from high while using earthshatter to get increased damage and damage resistance. The longer you stay in the air, the longer and more effective the buff.
Reflect all damage and healing back to sender.
Create a zone around you that lets you and your allies fly in zero gravity. Press crouch to fly down and jump to fly up. Enemies within the zone are slowed down and gain increased gravity to both movement and projectiles.
Firing the rail gun during her ultimate leaves behind trails that damage enemies.
You get killstreaks instead of an ultimate. 3 eliminations for UAV. 5 for care package. 8 for tactical visor. 13 for Ac-130. 20 for nuke. UAV reveals enemies. Care package resets cooldowns and reloads ammo. Tactical visor is just his regular ult. AC-130 lets you shoot shit from the sky. Nuke is a nuke.
Sombra spreads a computer virus to nearby enemies that does damage over time. The virus will spread from infected enemies to other enemies and also will stay in corpses until they respawn. Virus can't be spread while you are cloaked.
Portal gun. Use primary fire and secondary fire to spawn portals.
Spawn a 'turret'. Heal turret with hammer and ult again to upgrade up to level 3. Press crouch while ulting to place the turret into a new spot, this resets the turret back to level 1.
Set slow motion and briefly move forward at super speed. Enemies you collide with take 500 damage.
Snipe at enemies through walls during her ultimate. Casts a laser that warns enemies if they're being aimed at. Headshots cause a jingle sound. Can't be used while in spawn room. Note: The hit detection can be a little buggy at times, but it usually works.
Regular ultimate, but you turn into a giant gorilla and get increased knockback. Knocking enemies into walls causes a brief stun and damage. Use secondary fire to grab enemies then throw them in the direction you aim at with primary fire.
Turn into a giant ball and roll over enemies.
Like her regular ult, but the gravity zone moves where you're aiming. Press Primary Fire to move the ball further and secondary to move closer.
Possess enemies you damage while the ultimate is active. Press interact to leave their bodies and they will fall asleep.
Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: D.va, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, and 27 more...
Maps: All
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.2


Crouch + Interact
Show a description for the ultimate of your current hero.
Use ultimate ability (Duh)
Show a description for the ultimate of your current hero.
Use ultimate ability (Duh)
Show a description for the ultimate of your current hero.
Use ultimate ability (Duh)
Show a description for the ultimate of your current hero.
Use ultimate ability (Duh)
Show a description for the ultimate of your current hero.
Use ultimate ability (Duh)



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