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This is basically 1v1s but with a queue system. Automatically sets up matches between players. If you are dead you are in queue for a match (you might be waiting for an open arena or for an opponent to face).
7 maps with custom created arenas and select any heros you want to play in mirrored matches.
It is setup where if there are more than 2 people you cannot play the same person twice in a row.

The gamemode was created around when the workshop first came out so it is not perfect and could be improved with some of the new addition the workshop now has (ex. I had originally had it so I did a raycast at the start of the match and using the distance value returned I could know what map I was on (while I updated this I didn't update everything)) (Also I made work arounds for bugs that no longer exist so those could be improved as well).

I am mostly uploading this so I have it saved somewhere but feel free to setup games if you want. It is really fun even if you only have a small group. It's fun even if it is actually just a 1v1.

1v1 Arena
Recently someone made basically the exact same gamemode, just more polished. I think mine is better in the regard of there being more maps and better spectating. Theres is better in that it is overall more polished and has better UI for people who are spectating.

Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: D.va, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Ashe, Doomfist, and 18 more...
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Current version: 2.6



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